October 25, 2022


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Elder Cambell

Look Up 🌌

emember a few weeks ago when I said "this is my shortest email?" Now this is my shortest email.
I'm doing so good everyone, thank you so much for your prayers because they are fueling this awesome fire that ignites me to just go and do. I feel so much deep and rich love as I put my faith into action while simultaneously dropping all fear.
I feel like I experience too types of healing through the Saviors Atonement: we heals me in the moment, crying with me, comforting me, telling me it'll be OK (it's like a pink and purple vibe). And then theres healing that comes when He gives me the strength to act in faith for myself. Then He rewards me with just the best feeling in my heart that heals my soul even more, He's now like my coach pushing me forward (red and yellow vibe).
I know we can do hard things. It takes patience, just like hiking a big ol' mountain. At times each individual step feels tortuous, but, I've always experienced that looking up takes the pain away :))

Sweet dreams μ—¬λŸ¬λΆ„ πŸ’œ

Also, My parents had the great opportunity to meet my Mission President, President Hong, and his wife last week while they were at an Asia North Mission President Seminar that was held and hosted by their mission in Seoul.


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