September 16, 2022


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Elder Cambell

🙇‍♂️Squid Games and Solar Eclipse🙇‍♂️

Hello everyone!

This week was really fun! And filled with lots of miraculous opportunities :)

Two awesome appointments happened. One, we started meeting with Jarek again!! He's been off the face of the earth for almost 3 months, but last week he reached out to us out of nowhere, and we met this week! Iconic vibes of having an awesome Korean lunch and then going to this really boojee Cafe. Jarek is really good at magic, and he showed us some really cool tricks. Then for our spiritual thought, I told him "I wanna keep talking about magic. I wanna talk about the magic of God, and the magic of His Son Jesus Christ." And that was one of the most amazing and genuine gospel conversations I've had, and we were able to testify of God's miraculous power. Jarek says that magic that can't be explained excites Him. So everything God and Christ stand for likewise excites him. He has such an incredible testimony, and he's genuinely one of my best friends ❤️❤️ oh, the joy of when the lost sheep is found!! My heart can hardly take it, I just love this soul so much, and I likewise love every soul here so much, I never want to leave...
We had another really cool appointment over zoom with a referral from the Seoul mission. They had this teaching friend who moved to our area. We were planning on just having a really quick introduction zoom call with him, but then he goes, "I'm ready for your spiritual thought" and that was proof that God will fill your mouth when you go forward in faith, because we didn't plan anything, but we were able to teach a lesson that was surprisingly according to his needs. His name is jean-seong. And I'm so excited to become his friend 🤗

This weekend was 추석!! Chuseok!! Which is Korean Thanksgiving! And whatd we do?? The entire mission met up at this giant stake center and played traditional Korean games and ate amazing Korean food!!! HEAVEN!!!!! So that was one of the funnest days ever. Even though we woke up at 5:15am and didn't get home till 10:15pm 💀😵

On Sunday I bore a humble testimony about all the wonderful things I'm grateful for. Especially these days how greatful I am of the Savior and His Atonement. When I read the story of Christ in Gethsemane, I no longer imagine Him suffering in the garden, I imagine Him suffering for all my mistakes, and pains, and sorrows, as if it is in that moment in the Garden where He is walking with me every step together in my life. The Atonement is the most personal and extraordinary event in the history of the Universe, and I can't believe that I never stop learning from it. I shouldn't be surprised, I am merely a 19 year old lad. Gotta remind myself that sometimes.

This week the Christ like attribute that I studied about was obedience! It was fun! I love Mosiah 15:7 - "Yea, even so he shall be led, crucified, and slain, the flesh becoming subject even unto death, the will of the Son being swallowed up in the will of the Father." I love that imagery of Christ's will being swallowed up. Christ is literally the #1 Top Greatest Amazing Absolute Imacullate Human Being that ever touched this earth, yet His will was never outside of the Father's. And because of that, oh how glorified He is!! And so I just think there is something so miraculous when we humbly change our will to match God's. The image I have in mind is like a solar eclipse, there's something ✨️angelic✨️ about a 100% solar eclipse right?? A 99% eclipse is increidble! And so beautiful. But, the difference between 99% and 100% cannot be described I feel like. It's just...완적합니다🌠💛

So, let us strive to have our souls shine like a 🌟 Solar Eclipse 🌟

Love you all!! stay sweet ❤️

Joseph Kent

- paintings of my 2 favorite "magic tricks" by Christ
- boojee mango juice
- sunshine and rainbows
- awesome member meal with min-seong
- the river view outside our apartment will never get old
- next week I'll get photos from the 추석 day


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