June 28, 2022


Korea Seoul South Mission


Elder Patterson

Multiple Personality Disorder and Other Things They Don't Teach in the MTC

🌎✨Hello dearest friends and family✨🌎

This email will most likely be short because my window of time is short and it was a rather uneventful week.

EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT JAREK IS ON BAPTISM DATE!! If you don't remember Jarek, I don't blame you. Jarek is one of my favorite teaching friends. He's so open and genuine, and it really feels like we're just good friends. The problem is that Jarek has a form of Multiple Personality Disorder, which makes things....difficult, to say the least. For example, Jarek has apparently been a different person for the past 6 weeks, which is why he hasn't responded to our efforts to contact him. Then on Wednesday out of nowhere, he answered the phone!! And he wanted to meet the very next day. And then we met with him, and his faith and willingness to learn was so beautiful :) And we extended the invitation to be baptized, and he accepted!

BUT we haven't been able to contact him since, because he's probably a different person right now!! WHAT! I wanna meet all his different personalities. We had this huge metaphysical conversation last week, asking him if he could talk to his other personalities for us and let them know that we're trying to meet with them.
Oh man, isn't that kinda nuts?
It's hard for me to understand what it must be like for him. But the Savior is able to understand perfectly. And there's nothing that is out of reach of the Savior's healing wings <3

It makes me think of one of my favorite quotes from this past conference. It's from the talk "He Is Risen with Healing in His Wings" by Elder Patrick Kearon. It says, "Jesus specializes in the seemingly impossible. He came here to make the impossible possible, the irredeemable redeemable, to heal the unhealable, to right the unrightable, to promise the unpromisable. And he's really good at it. In fact, he's perfect at it."

Aren't those last two lines exhilarating?? Ahhh I love it so much 🀍

I know Jarek knows this Church is the true Church of Christ, and I know that He knows His Heavenly Father and Savior love Him :) Patience is a critical characteristic if our goal is to become like Him πŸ€”

What else is new? I don't know, it's super hot. Lemme describe my physical state. You know when you go to a restaruant and sit down and go "oh, the table is sticky...." I am the table. I am sticky. All the time. It is so humid here. I walk outside and then go "oh cool I'm wet now."

Every week I'm able to express my love for God and the Savior, and I am able to teach more and more in Korean. The gift of tongues is an exciting thing to experience :)

Cool fact: my parents just gave their farewell talks in church this past Sunday. If anyone didn't know, my parents have been called to serve in the Korea, Seoul Mission as senior missionaries. It is so insane that they will be in the same country as me until right before I come home. (For clarification, we won't be in the same mission, I'm in the Korea Seoul South Mission).

Ok cool, I'm satisfied :)

Have a great week my friend, you're incredible. It's actually a fact, I looked it up. You'd look silly if you didn't believe it. So, just watching out for ya πŸ‘€

Till next week, toodles πŸŒŸπŸ’›πŸŽ†

- waking up early to see the sunrise (we got permission.... I still don't think it was aloud haha 😬)
- Moms Touch and Baskin Robbins a member bought for us 😳
- Pikachu ice cream
- the prettiest flower in the world
- pretty sky
- 이정덕 πŸ˜‡
- κΉ€λ³΄μ˜ πŸ˜‡
- Elder Patterson looking pretty
- a silly bathroom sign at McDonalds


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