June 9, 2022


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Elder Patterson

Garlic Farms and Miracles

Hello beautiful people 😚

I think why I kinda dread typing these weekly emails is because IT'S ON MY PHONE!! That's lame, I which I had a laptop some days. I've seen some pretty swanky elders with this Bluetooth keyboard thing that has both English and Korean mode, gotta snag that.... Keep you posted 🤔

Per usual I ate A LOT of food this week!! Absolutely stuffed. People won't stop feeding us. I seriously think I'm going to come home as a chunky boy.

My favorite adventure was getting to work on a 🧑‍🌾🧄GARLIC FARM🧄🧑‍🌾 It was fun to switch up the mission life pace and work in a field with my hands for like 3 hours. Along with me and 3 other elders were a bunch of elderly women, all of them were so funny, they have funny little voices and I can't understand anything they say, but they love to boss me around 🥰😮‍💨

One thing that I have a love/hate relationship (mostly love honestly) with on the mission is the inconcistancy of how the days go. One day I went on an exchange and had 5 appointments without skipping a beat☄️💯 Another day we spent 6 hours with the Branch just eating, bowling, and eating more🥘🫕🎳🍜🥟 Another day we traveled super far to work on a farm💪🧑‍🌾 And another day it rained all day and we had no appointments, and we had a cozy day inside with LOTS of online finding☔♨️
Keeps me on my toes for sure

If you don't mind, it would be absolutely marvelous if I could tell you 2 stories from this week :)

🔴 This is the Story of the Pastor Who Dropped Everything to Buy Us Drinks
On the exchange that was super busy, one of the appointments fell through, and we all the sudden had a free slot in our schedule. Long story short, as we walked past this church, a man in sunglasses stopped us, and said in English "Oh, you believe in Jesus?" We said yes of course! He said "Do you have time?" We said actually we do! Then he said. "Ok. Let's go."
Man walks us to nearby Cafe and pays for our super expensive orange juice ($6 for a small glass, Korean fruit is a luxury). We have a great time meeting him! He's a pastor for the church we found him at, and he has a PhD in Church History, so he knows his stuff. We had a really cool gospel discussion. ✨THIS IS THE COOLEST PART OF THE STORY✨ Then the conversation came to the point where we talked about how along with the Bible we believe in another set or scripture. He goes what is it? We said the Book of Mormon. He goes "OH! Wait here." AND JUST LEAVES. Elder Wagnar and I were like whaaaa in the 기적 is about to happen. After 3 minutes he comes back holding an older version of THE BOOK OF MORMON!! Whaaa we're like how do you know about this?? He says "I have a PhD in Church History, of course I know about the Book of Mormon!" and then we had a really great open discussion about it and explaining the Restoration. It was really powerful, he was very engaged. And he plans to meet with us again :)) he talked about how he either wants to take us golfing or to Costco.... Keep you posted :))

🟡 The Story of Chantal from Rwanda: The Golden First Lesson
You know what's cool about this story? It happened only a few hours after the other one!
We met with a young woman named Chantal from Rwanda Africa. She had English interest but after getting to know each other and talking about our lives and backgrounds she started asking a lot of questions about our beliefs and our church. Shes always been Christian, and she has an amazing testimony of Jesus Christ and the power of prayer. She then asked "the biggest thing I've always wondered about is why there are so many churches, which one is true?" and before we could say anything she goes "I'm curious to know if you two have the answer."
The Spirit swelled in my heart, and I could see it swell in hers as we began to teach about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ. After our great back and forth lesson, after giving her a new copy of the Book of Mormon to take home and pray about, she went "Wow. I get it now. I always knew about this book but I thought it was strange. But now I understand what it means. And I hope to keep reading it and pray about it and see if it's true." ❤️❤️

💛Long story short, this is one my favorite memories so far💛

Because I know God is guiding us to those who are willing to Let God Prevail.

I'm not gonna lie, missionaries need patience. Because many of our friends move at a slow pace. But that's ok! If that's the pace it takes for them to receive their eternal covenants, then that's INFINETLY worth it.
I know Elder Patterson and I are working as hard as we possibly could.
To the missionary struggling with people who aren't progressing, I love the section in PMG Ch. 1 "A Successful Missionary."

~~Remember that people have agency to choose whether to accept your message. Your responsibility is to teach clearly and powerfully so they can make an informed choice~~

Alright, that's enough of me.
If you read all that and you're still here, thanks friend :)

여러분이 계속 사랑이랑 기도들을 보내서 제가 감사합니다 💖 좋은 한주 되세요 !!!

Garlic Fields
The Branch Picnic
Beautiful Korean Food
Elder Wagnar and I with our Pastor friend
Still shot of Elder Patterson ; )


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