May 3, 2022


Korea Seoul South Mission


Elder Patterson

생일 이야기 (bday story)

The week goes by so fast, yet it's so hard to remember everything that's happened.


- Elder Patterson and I took the subway to 배방 and walked down the streets to find people to talk to, we found a really pretty park area, and there were a bunch of high school kids hanging out there who wanted to talk to us, we spent 45 minutes just talking as we each practiced each other's language. They loved calling us handsome haha. But theyre all so cool!! We got there contact information and they want to meet with us again. Excellent 🎸

- Our friend 이정덕 came to church!! he's so sweet and kind, he's such a silly smiley guy!! he also took us out to dinner the night before. I was super hungry and eating so fast, and he kept laughing and saying "귀여워요" which means cute haha. He gave us a gift too... FLOWERS!!! 💐🌸🌷 who does that?? That's so cute and wholesome haha 😊😊

- it took over 2 hours to get my foreigner card this week, and it was a mess, because I didn't catch up on my governmental vocab terms, you know how it goes 🙂 and also it was a 2 hour bus ride roud trip, and I felt gross and not good. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT because on the bus ride home, this young guy came and sat next to us, and he recognized us as missionaries! He started asking a lot of good questions, and we shared a Book of Mormon with him, and we showed him the Introduction, and he just read the whole thing!! Apparently that doesn't happen in Korea. He was super interested, and we talked for a while. We gave him our phone number, but before we could get his, he got off the bus!! And he said "I'll call, I have your number."
But guess what
Ahhhh lesson learned. Also everyone, please pray that we can find this mysterious friend again🙏🙏

- And last thing...
That's pretty cool. To celebrate, we played a lot of ping ping and basketball, ate at a super awesome all you can eat place, and we went to the shopping center. Oh yeah 😎 I got these super dope dress pants for 15, 000 WON!! That's less than $15!! If you know me, you know I love fashionable clothes, and the only thing I love more than fashionable clothes is cheap fashionable clothes 💯 So you can trust that I've been having a good day in South Korea 😁😁

But on a serious note, I feel so blessed to be serving as a missionary for the Lord. There are miracles all around, and I know that the gospel changes lives. In this life, there is Hope. In this life, there is Restitution. In this life, there is Dilliverance. And in this life, there is JOY!!!

Ok, love you all!! You're all ABSOLUTE LEGENDS!!! 💖💖💖 사랑해요
- Cultural day pics 🎑 (from last week)
- a rose bucket hat 🌹
- 이진우 from the branch has a bday party 🎉🎉
- fireside ft. The Sargent (mission president) 💪
- the pretty park where we met the high school students 🌳
- the flowers from 이정덕 (do you like our pots? Hehe) 💐
- the pretty field view at the end of of morning runs 🌄


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