February 19, 2022


Provo MTC


First 72 hours at the MTC

The first 72 hours in the Provo MTC have been fantastic!! One amazing thing is the I have been assigned as our District Leader.
And oh, wow, I already feel such an incredible love for everyone in my district. I've been talking a lot with Elder Evans, the Senior District Leader in our branch, and we've had some great conversations. I can not wait to see where this love will take us for 6 more weeks!! He said it's not just a brotherly love, where you're looking out for them, it's a fatherly love, where you'll want to protect them and keep them safe. 

We had an INCREDIBLE devotional on the first day 0n the character of Christ. What is the character of Christ? It’s turning outward. I am finding so much joy when I literally think about my own needs very last, and I consider everyone else first. Through this principle, we are blessed, but it’s easier said than done, because the natural man wants us to think that we will not be happy until we meet our own needs. This is false, and we read about how Christ always put others first EVERY. TIME.

This morning we woke up early and I did laundry, success!! And our district is super close and we love to do everything together :)

Im really sorry, I don’t have much time for a longer email, but my first P-Day in the MTC was just so busy but so good. I cant wait to tell you about who we met at the temple today. A stepmom, Kai Harwood, and her 7 1/2 her old step-son, Parker. We talked with them about what it means to be a missionary. This was so sweet. And then talking with Kai, kneeling down on the ground, asking him about school, and his karate classes, and then he was talking about how hard it has been for him since his birth mom doesn’t want him to be baptized. Oh, it was just so good.

Have a great week everyone - I challenge you to look for ways to help others.
Elder Kent


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