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December 14, 2015 Traveled to Kentucky Louisville Mission
December 14, 2015 I was so surprised (happily) to hear from Kekoa on the phone not once but twice yesterday. He was allowed to call home to let us know he was flying to his Mission in Kentucky and then he was allowed to call me when he got there. They got up at 3:30 in the morning on Monday to get to the Salt Lake City Airport. It was so cold and snowy so they stopped the vehicle and the Elders had to take off all of the luggage on the top of the van for all of the sisters and elders that were leaving and put them into a vehicle so that the luggage wouldn't get ruined. There were a lot of missionaries flying out Monday. Kekoa said that he and his two companions missed their flight three times due to weather in SLC. The planes had to be de-iced due to freezing temps. By the time they actually made it to the Mission home they were exhausted and starving! But they made it!!!! We received a letter from the Mission President today! Now we won't hear from him again until Monday. And today marks half a month that he has been gone!!!! I wonder when Kumaka will stop crying every time he hears Kekoa's name?!
December 2, 2015 Enter MTC
Kentucky Louisville Mission

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