December 1, 2016


MTC - Provo


Elder Tamakloe

District Hits a Wall

Hey guys so this week our district isn't doing so hot. I feel like everybody just ran into a brick wall. The reason why I say that is because you can totally tell when people where really happy and when people are sad. It was kinda funny but also really sad because are district was not on the same page. We were not paying attention in class and it was super hard. But last Saturday we had a meeting and we all talked about our fears and how we can overcome them and speak up in class and how to love one another as class mates and as missionaries. Also Last week one of the Elders went home because of medical problems and we really missed him. We had three companions so it was me and my companion plus someone else it was super hard. We miss him a lot and we hope he will come back out. I miss all of you guys a lot and please email me. I love getting your emails and I love reading them. So today we went to the Temple as a district and it was amazing and I loved it and we also got to eat the food at the temple and it was so much better then the food here at the MTC. So anyways that is what I did this week I'll email you guys more later and send you guys pictures of the MTC. Alright I love you all you guys I hope I hear from you....


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