November 25, 2016


MTC - Provo


Elder Tamakloe

Day after Thanksgiving

Hey everyone its Elder Lowder here. I am doing awesome at the MTC. First of all I thought it was going to be super hard but its not. Its just like mission prep except your here for 3 long weeks which is fine with me because you get to meet so many new elders and sisters here at the MTC. I love it so far. The reason why is because everyday in class we just role play with our teachers and my companions. I did have two companions but one went home for medical reasons. It does not matter because we treated him like our brother and a best friend he was a really cool missionary. I will be sending pictures on my Ipad today and i can not wait to show you guys my district and my companion they are awesome. I'm sorry that i couldn't respond earlier this week they moved our P-Day. I love you guys a lot and miss you guys a lot as well I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I can not wait to get out of the MTC and actually start serving people and teaching them lessons. My companion right now is Elder Tamakloe and he is awesome we have a really strong relationship and we have a lot of things in common which is basically playing sports. I love you all and I love all of your emails. So please send me more!!!! I won't be able to write again until next Thursday and I have all of today to right you until 6:00 tonight I miss you all I am doing awesome and I love being on a mission!!!!


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