September 11, 2017


Galati, Romania


Elder Forsyth

Rough week here in Galati

This week in Galati wasn’t the best week for me. I really struggled the whole week. I hate talking about negative things and I tried all week to find the positives during the day but everything was just going wrong for me this week. The whole week Elder Forsyth and I got bunged (no showed) by all the potential investigators that we had for the lessons that we had scheduled for them. One of our investigators that we had Mihai txted us and told us that he wants nothing to do with us any more and to never txt him again so that kind of sucked. We were suppose to have like 6 lessons this week and all of them just didn’t happen and it was the worst. My faith was starting to struggle.

On Wednesday we went contacting and met this guy named Alex and he was smoking so we asked him if he wanted to stop smoking and he said yes so we scheduled a lesson with him later that day. When we met up with him and when we were walking to the church with him he goes to tell us that he has no intention on quitting smoking so we were so confused! So we took him to the church anyways and we asked if he would be up to listen to a message we have about the gospel and he said yes. So we go ahead and teach the entire Restoration and he didn’t say one word. He seemed really interested. We then go and ask him if he had any questions for us. He then goes to tell us that the Book Of Mormon pisses him off and we asked him why and he said because you cant prove that it is true. So then we told him you have to have faith and pray about it and he goes to tell me that faith and religion have nothing to do with each other and that we are crazy. I about lost my mind when he said that. We then ask him how he can prove that the bible is true and he got super mad at us and said don’t try to bring that up on me and then he told us not to uses verses to prove that the bible is true which made no sense. THEN, he looks at me and asked me what I like to do for fun and I said I love to play baseball and he says well let me just tell you something and I said what, he told me to go back to America and to go back to playing baseball and that im wasting my time here in Romania. He also told me that he is way older than I am and that he is more mature and that he has had way more experience with life and religion and told me I know nothing. he said that im wasting my teen years when I could be doing something that I really love doing. By this time I was already so spiritually drained because he has been yelling at us about this false doctrine and fighting with us about the book of Mormon and bible. We finally kicked him out of the church and had him leave and I was honestly torn apart.

On Thursday I was having just a really rough day especially after that horrible lesson and I started to doubt and wonder if I was doing the right thing. In the morning I went contacting and had a good time contacting even though no one wanted to listen to us at all. Later that night we went contacting again on the Danube with our new Street Board of Joseph Smith and it is the coolest thing. Well this guy came up to me and had NO LIE the same conversation came up that I had with the lesson I had with ALEX! at this point I was just mentally done and couldn’t take it anymore! ive tried so hard to keep pushing and to be positive about everything that was happening this week and these people here in Romania have ruined that for me. I finally just broke down and asked my comp for a blessing of comfort for me, my family and my girlfriend to know that everything will be ok and that im here doing the right thing and that my strength in my faith will just grow stronger!

FRIDAY, now I thought nothing else could get worse and Friday was just as crazy for me. In the morning we had District meeting and that went really well. I love my district, us 4 elders have a good time here. After district meeting we decide to go to lunch and a crazy event happens. Ill add what we had to send to Germany security because of what happened. "So the four of us Elders were together and we decided to go to Luca Pizza to buy some sandwiches for lunch. So when we got there we began to order our food and Elder Thomson was the first one to order. When he went to order, there were two guys (gypsies) standing close off to the side who were waiting for their food to come out. So Elder Thomson pulls out some money out of his pocket and the smaller of the two guys tries to reach into his pocket to take some of his money. Elder Thomson told him to stop and then pulled out his wallet to pay for the rest of his food. Then the same guy reached around his body and tried to take his wallet and also had his arm around him as well. We told the two men to stop and not to touch us. A little later Elder Jacob stepped up to order and as he pulled his wallet out the same guy grabbed his wallet and yelled "money!" So Elder Jacob pulls his hand away and tells the man to stop touching him. The guy grabbing our wallets was wearing a yellow shirt, and was probably about 5 foot 6 inches. So after Elder Jacob told this guy to stop touching him, the other guy got into Elder Jacob's face and started calling him crazy and looked like he wanted to fight him. He was also swearing at us in Romanian pretty bad as well. This guy was much bigger, probably about 6 foot 2, 230 pounds, kinda fat, and had black hair and darker skin. Anyway, after he got into Elder Jacob's face his friend started to walk away so they both left but they were still very angry. After we got our food, we started to walk to the church to eat it and as we were walking down the street we saw the bigger guy throwing punches and beating up one of our friends in the city that we have talked to on the street before. We didn't want to just keep walking while our friend was getting beat up by this guy so we started to approach the fight slowly. We kept our distance because we didn't want to get involved but we also didn't want to just walk by and do nothing as well. As the big guy was landing punches on our friend, he saw us watching and he began to shout at us to come over to fight him as well. Our friend then ran away from the scene and we began to leave as quickly as we could as well. He started walking towards us while shouting some things, and then out of nowhere the little guy from before came running from around the corner and splashed a bunch of water on Elder Jacob. After this happened the two guys ditched chasing us and started beating up another guy that was walking down the street near us but the opposite direction behind us. So after this happened we quickly got away and before we went down into the alley that our church building is located we looked over our shoulders to make sure nobody was watching where we were going because we didn't want to be followed. When we felt like we were clear we went down the alley, into our church building, and then locked the door behind us. But 3 minutes later, this same bigger guy walked down the alley and tried to come into the church building as well. He saw that it was locked and so he called the number which was on the door which happened to be ours (Elder Green and Elder Thomson). We didn't pick up the phone and we watched him walk away from the second floor window. Then we called President Hettinger about the situation and were told to write this report."

Later that day when we went out to talk to people we saw the same kid and he came up to me to talk to me and he told me it was a joke and I need to stop being mad at them and I just said sure and shook his hand so that we have no problems. It took everything in me to not hurt this kid. I was just so heated and frustrated.

Finally on saturday things got so much better and we had a great lesson with an old man named Constatin that met missionaries back in 2004 and had all the lessons with them. he called us and said he wants to talk to missionaries again and so we had a lesson with him. he told us he wants to get baptized because he feels lonely because his wife died 26 years ago and his son died of cancer. so we told him we had a date for baptism but he said that we were moving a little fast so now we are just setting up lessons with him. Hes such a nice man and I feel so bad for him. my heart goes out for this old man.

We then went to dinner after the lesson for Forsyths Birthday which was on Sunday this week and it was a good time.

Sunday I gave a talk about eternal families and it went fantastic even though my romanian was rough haha.

Theres my week for you guys. Romania isn’t easy let me just tell ya. Faith is everything and im so greatful for the faith I have in the lord and knowing he has a plan for me and that he is with me at all times to help me through the hard times. The power of prayer is something we are all blessed with and im so thankful for.

I love all of you guys and miss all of you guys. I hope you guys have a fantastic week and thank you for everything you do for me!

See you soon!

Elder Jacob


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