February 4, 2019


Bucharest, Romania


Elder Krieger

Am Facut Multă Treaba Această Săptămână

Hey guys,

Another week down and let me tell you, it was a long one. I had so many things that I had to do this week, that I have a hard time remembering every thing I did! So pretty much what I am saying, is that being an assistant here is very hard and stressful because we basically are running the mission when President Hettinger is not in the country. Which mean, for more than half of every month, we run and do everything for the mission in Romania. I wont lie, after doing this for a week, I already miss real missionary work. I was only able to go out contacting for a total of an hour and a half this last week. So that has really killed me so far but its all good because there was a question that I kept asking myself this week already which is, "What is better than doing missionary work?"......then I just sat and thought about it and I recieved an answer...."The lords work which he has called you to do right now.". That made me realize that what I am doing right now is the Lords work. It might not be the normal missionary work that I am used to, but the work I am doing right now which is making sure the Romania mission runs and making all these documents and what not for missionarys amd making sure contracts are good on the missionaries apartments, is the Lords work. Without this work which I am doing right now, The Lords missionary work cant progress. So that made me happy and made me realize that I am here for a reason. I am the Assistant to the President for a reason and that is because God knows that the Leadership skills that I have gained on my mission can really help this mission out a ton.

Monday night, after P-day, we went to institute at the senior couples house The Edwards. We then get a call telling us that we need to go grab a crappy phone for a sister missionary who is going home due to health problems. So after Institute, we went and grabbed a phone for her to take with her home just in case of an emergency and then went to the Andersons house who is another Senior couples house where she was staying the night. We got there and gave her the phone and then told her that God has plan for her and that she gave it her all! RIP Sister Staley. We then had to go to the mission home here in Bucuresti and pick up President and Sister Hettingers car and take it to their Hotel which they stay at so that in the morning they can drive to the church.

So this week like I said was a crazy one, on Tuesday 7 new missionaries came into the country. So starting at 10am President and Sister Hettinger had a meeting with us and the new trainers up until we had to leave to the airport. That was a great meeting, because all the new trainers were super excited to train someone new. After that meeting, Elder Krieger and I went to the airport with President and sister Hettinger to go pick up the new guys. The new guys, finally arrived and it was super fun to see them out of the airport because I totally remember my first day and how exciting but terrifying it was. We then took pictures with everyone and then Elder Krieger and I split up with half of the group because we ordered a company to pick us up amd take us back to the church with all of their luggage. So I went in one van with 4 missionaries and Elder Krieger went in the other van with 3 missionaries. That was a blast to just talk to them and see how their MTC experience was. We eventually got back to the church and started the New Missionary training. During this training, which I was running, 3 of the missionaries fell asleep haha. So Sister Hettinger made them all stand up and so we had part of our meeting standing up. Then President Hettinger had interviews with the new guys and after he was done, he assigned the new trainers with their new guys. That part is always the most exciting because they find out who they are getting and they get to show them the reins of missionary work. Once that happened, I had to run to my office where the computers are and start calling Hungary to tell Elder Udy who is a Elder there, where everyone was going and which trainer they got. So that he can print me off train tickets and visa papers. Once we got all that figured out, we sent people off to their new homes. Then we realized there was a problem! OF COURSE! The Gara (train station) got shut down due to a bomb threat. So we had to cancel all tickets and had to have everyone stay an extra night here in Bucuresti. So we had to deal with that issue but it all worked out fine.

That same night we had Elder Hoisington stay the night with us as well because he was going home the next morning. He accomplished his mission and so he was just so pumped. He couldnt even sleep because he was so pumped to see his family. So that next morning I had to wake up at 4am to drop his butt off at the airport haha. It was pretty sad not going to lie. He is a legend in this mission. Love that kid. I will see him soon though so no worries.

All week this week I had to make a ton of new documents for missionaries and send them out to every missionary. We also have had to go looking for a new apartment for us APs because the other Elders in Bucuresti have to move into our Apartment soon. We were able to find a new apartment and I am stoked about it. Its super nice.

This transfer, we are having Elder Sabin who is a member of the Quorum of the 70 come to our mission again to talk to us. So I have had to make a exchange plan for all the missionaries and also coordinate when all the interviews are going to happen. So that was a huge hassel because I had to make sure everyone was going to be in their city on a certain date and then I had to make sure some cities can go to other cities for the day, it was just hecktic haha.

In the mean time, we were able to have 4 meetings with President Hettinger this week through Skype and that was good. We were able to talk about the mission and what needs to be better and all kinds of things.

Basically, I could make this email a novel of everything I did this week but honestly it is all just office work and me sitting at my office desk working. So I wont go into much detail haha

I was able to meet up with Jesse who is my Nigerian friend from Constanta! It was so good to see him. He came to games night and it was great because I got to talk to him for a while.

We did find enough time to have 2 lessons this week, one was with Efe who is a Nigerian and that lesson went great. He wants to be baptized because he said he has never been baptized before and he wants to follow Jesus Christ. So we are working with him. The other lesson was with a kid named David and he also wants to be baptized, but he is dealing with faith and doubts. Those are the two big things holding him back.

Saturday, we had a baptism here in Panduri! It was President Constantinescu daughter Eva who was baptized! So that was super fun to be apart of and to see all of them again! They are seriously the best family ever, I love them.

Sunday, we had 42 people at church and we had 2 investigators there so that was sweet! It was Fast amd testimony meeting and this guy who lives in Utah came to Romania for the weekend because he had a business meeting in Londan over the past week! Well he served here 25 years ago and so he bore his testimony and it was really cool to hear how his experience was so different compared to ours!

Other than that, we just did ton of other stuff. In total I think we had 8 meetings this week, so I took a lot of notes. #teamnosleep

I realized that I made it through my last sports championship event that I have to miss! Thank gosh haha! Bring on the NBA playoffs

I hope you all have a great week this week!


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