August 13, 2018


Bacau, Romania


Elder Baker

I’m a zone leader now

Hey Guys,

Well as you can tell from the Subject, Transfer Boards came out on Saturday and I found out that I will be staying in Bacau but will be a ZL (Zone Leader). I received a new companion and his name is Elder Coberly! I am super excited to see what we can do together. I will be receiving a car as well, so that will feel really weird since i haven't drove in over 14 months. I always tell Savanna how spoiled she is as a missionary in the states with cars and smart phones and stuff but now I have no room to talk haha! As Zone Leaders of the entire East Zone which covers 4 cities, we will be over 15 missionaries making sure they are working hard and being as successful as possible! We now only have 49 total missionaries in Romania so Elder Coberly and I are over a decent chunk of our mission to make sure we are putting out the best numbers and are doing the best work. As we set goals for the Zone, the most important thing we can do is reach and achieve all of the goals that we set as a zone. I am super excited to get this work rolling and to be able to work with Elder Coberly who is a great missionary!

Well this week was a good one. This was my last week with Elder baker and we made it a good last week together. Serving with Elder baker has been a heck of a time! He is one of my best buds now for the rest of my life! He has taught me so many things through our 2 months of serving together. He is now off to America to start a whole new life again! I wish him the best of luck!

So We kicked off this week with Less active finding! We wanted to dig into the Member list and to find all the less actives and try to go find them. Some of the members on the list have no information, so we called President Hettinger and asked if we have permission to use Facebook to find people. He gave us the go ahead to start using Facebook to find people, so that is really cool! Its amazing what technology can do. Well we decided to do that and every less active we went to go find on Tuesday, was not home. So we treked a lot of miles for nothing. I think I sweated through all my shirts this week because it is super hot here all of a sudden! That was no fun to walk and deal with the sun all week! We then went and bought some business cards to give out to people that had our address to the church and English and all that good info. Well as I paid for them, I looked in my wallet and realized that like all my money is gone. At the beginning of each month, our mission gives us 1000 lei which is ($250) to live for the entire month. After paying for the cards I only had 250 lei left for the month. When I paid for the cards, it was Tuesday August 7th. So I have no Idea what happen to the rest of my money, so i wasn't too happy about that. We then had English and that was just your normal class! We had a total of our 3 normal people show up haha!

Wednesday was a crazy day of contacting and walking the streets. Elder Baker and I stand on opposite sides of the side walk and create like a funnel for people to walk through so we can literally attempt to talk to EVERYBODY! Well this older lady comes up to me and asks about the Book I was holding, which was the Book Of Mormon. She then asks me if we were Jehovah wittiness's and I told her no we are Mormons and then I explained the named of our church. Then then asked me If I was American and I told her yes, well as soon as I said yes she grabbed my hand and started grooming my hair. It was super uncomfortable and while this was happening, I was looking at Elder Baker trying so hard not to laugh. She then grabbed my hand again and asked me about my watch and she asked if she could have it and I told her no! This lady was a little crazy and a little to touchy and close haha! During the same Contacting session, there was this couple that walked passed us and Elder Baker said "Buna Ziua" and he said " F you guys, you guys are with Jesus" Then his girlfriend looked back at us and flipped us off. You can say it was a crazy day to talk to people, not a lot of people like us here lol. I mean we have been doing this for a while now, so were used to rejection and used to people not liking us. On the bright side though, we did find a guy named Cristi while contacting and he was actually super nice and we got his number and planned on meeting up to talk more.

Thursday was pretty much the same! Less active finding and Contacting. No one was either home or people just didn't want to talk to us. I just know that people have their free agency and they get to pick and choose whether they want to be saved or not. We try and that's all that matters I guess. We were able to get 2 Referrals though and so we contacted them and set up times to meet up. One was on Friday and the Other was on Saturday!

Friday we had Elder Bakers last District meeting, he was super excited to get that over with. Our District meeting is done through Skype because our District is divided up into 3 cities in Romania! (Bacau, Brasov, Galati) Well Elder Baker was given a opportunity to tell the rest of us in our District one thing he regrets about his mission that he wishes he could of done better, his favorite memory or story from his mission and his ending testimony. Its pretty amazing to hear how far he has come in his life and especially as a missionary! He told us that his one regret he had and wanted us to learn from was he wasn't good with confronting his companions with problems and also realizing that what they were doing isn't real missionary work and that they need to work harder. Its just amazing to see and hear how much he has grown!

I know that through my mission I have had some bad companions and I have also had some amazing ones that I will be friends with the rest of my life. I haven't gotten along with some of them. It definitely is hard but it is such a great learning experience for later on in life. I remember i HATED my 19 days in Ploiesti and I just was not happy! I let my companion dictate my happiness and that is not how it should be! After Elder Baker mentioned that during District Meeting I realized I should of looked at those 19 days back in Ploiesti with more love! That is something I am now going to work on the rest of my mission with tough companions.

Later on in the day on Friday we got bunged by our first referral we got. She just no showed and wouldn't answer her phone! We just try to teach lessons out here and its so dang hard! After we went English contacting to change it up a little bit because we have like no one that comes to English! As we walked to the center of the City, we saw a ton of people. Well sure enough there was a protest going on. There was like 200 people to begin with and then they left for like 20 mins and came back with an ARMY!! There were so many people! It made contacting fun though, we just were on the side walks talking to people in English and inviting them to English! It was a heck of a time!

Saturday Transfer Boards came out and we also had English and all of our contacting we did for English, we only had 1 person show up for the class! Its so lame! We put in all this work and nothing ever comes from it here! Well we also got bunged by our second referral we got for a lesson! She just no showed on us just like yesterday! Oh well! I don't know what to do anymore with people! They all have their free agency!

Sunday was wild, we only had 4 people total at church and 2 of the 4 were us two missionaries! So it was only Elder Baker, President Popescu, Sora Margo and myself at church! Elder Baker and I thought it was only going to be us two for church this week because church starts at 10am and no one was there. President Popescu and Sora Margo showed up at 10:05. It was pretty crazy to be honest! Elder Baker gave it going home talk and then Sora Margo just pulled out a General Conference talk and talked about that! That's Bacau for you haha.

Spiritual Thought:

I love the story of Paul and Ananias in the ninth chapters of Acts. As Paul was breathing out threatenings against the disciples on the Road to Damascus, a light from heaven suddenly shown about him and he heard the Lord’s voice, “Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?” In response to this inquiry, Paul responded with two simple and humble questions: “Who are thou, Lord?” and “What wilt thou have me to do?”

Three days after this event in which Paul’s sight was taken away, the Lord also appeared to His disciple Ananias in a vision. The Lord told Ananias “Go into the street which is called Straight and inquire…for one called Saul.” Unlike Paul’s submissive response, Ananias chose to reason with the Lord, “I have heard by many of this man, how much evil he hath done to thy saints at Jerusalem.” But the Lord assured Ananias that Paul was “a Chosen vessel unto me.” The Lord also reminded Ananias that those that He has chosen often are called upon to sacrifice greatly to serve Him: “For I will show Saul how great things he must suffer for my name’s sake.”

After the Lord’s gentle rebuke and instruction, Ananias then went and performed his duty and restored Paul’s sight and baptized him. This is the last we hear of Ananias in the New Testament narrative. On the other hand, we learn of Paul that “And straightway he preached Christ in the synagogues, that he is the Son of God.”

Because of his humble attitude, his willingness to change and his passion for preaching Christ Jesus, Paul became a most powerful missionary. His 14 epistles and his life of consecrated service through affliction and persecution provided a powerful foundation for the early New Testament Church.

As I read this story this week, It made me realize how important Missionaries are. There are 67,000 of us out in the world serving the lord and preaching his word. We were all chosen vessels to like Paul, to preach this amazing Gospel! We proudly, tirelessly suffer and sacrifice for his names sake.

Since I consider each and every member a Missionary Even though some of us might not have a tag, I humbly pray that like Paul, each of us will do a little more to “Be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of our ministry” and that like Paul, we will one day be able to proclaim “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith!” (2 Timothy 4:5,7)

I hope you guys all have a great week! I sure do love and Miss you all! Always stay Positive and Always be Happy and Smile
Elder Jacob


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