August 6, 2018


Bacau, Romania


Elder Baker

Another one

Hey guys,
Before I start this weekly, I just wanted to give the biggest shout out to my momma! Happy Birthday this week mom, you deserve the world. Thanks for everything you do for me and everything you have taught me through this tough life we live in. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be where I am at today and I wouldn't be the young man that I have turned into. You have a heart of gold that everyone looks up to you for. You serve each and everyday with a complete full heart. I hope you have the best week and Birthday this Saturday! Love ya!

Also Congratulations to Ashlyn and Cameron Bradshaw on their new born baby this week! Carter is going to be a stud! Cant wait to throw the ball around with him one day haha.

So this week was a pretty quick week for me. You know everything sometimes just feel like repetition at times. This week week not a whole lot happen so I will try to keep this a short weekly for once. We had exchanges with Galati and I was able to go with my boy Elder Miller. We had a blast as usual! We went out in the pouring rain on Tuesday morning to contact and try to get some new investigators but unfortunately we were not able to get any in the rain. LOL. Elder Miller and I were able to have a lesson and so I was pumped to finally be able to teach somebody! We were able to teach this lady from English class and her name is Doamna Elena. I have taught her the Plan Of Salvation before, so we wanted to teach her about the Restoration. The lesson was a little weird, we kept asking her if she had questions but she kept saying no. So We kept going and then when we were done we asked her what she thought and she said that it was very interesting. This wonderful lady has come to church multiple times and so as Elder Miller and I were companionship studying for this lesson, I said I felt like we should extend a baptismal date for August 25. So we asked her if she could prepare for that date and she said she wasn't sure and just acted a little weird about it. So were going to keep meeting with her and see what happens! I was just happy I was able to teach someone. After the lesson, we were able to go play some basketball and we had more success playing basketball and talking about the gospel than we did talking on the streets! We were able to get 3 Potential investigators that wanted to learn more. It has been really cool throughout my mission to see how much basketball has been super effective to find people.

The rest of the week, was just the same ole same ole. Walking the streets and getting the finger and people saying they are not interested and just being rejected non stop. It has been pretty rough here just because those couple people we do meet and say they are interested, we get their number and schedule a time to meet up but then they just no show and don't answer their phones. That has been pretty much the whole transfer. We just keep our head up and stay positive and keep chugging along.

We were able to have a Branch Council and we need some help there. I can say that it was going in the right direction, but it needs a ton of help because people don't really know how to run one or talk about. Missionaries just do everything here.

Sunday was Fast Sunday and since we only had 10 people at church, everyone bared their testimony and we still had 10 minutes to spare haha. We have one investigator there but he is like an eternal investigator. It was a pretty good Sunday overall though.

This upcoming Saturday is when transfer boards come out and So I will be seeing who I will be getting here in Bacau! This is Elder bakers last week and then he is off back to America!

Sure do miss and Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Jacob


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