June 25, 2018


Bacau, Romania


Elder Baker

Hakuna Matata

Hey Guys,

So this week has felt a little long but it has finally come to an end! We were able to meet with some members this week and interact with them and show them our love we have for them! One of them being Vlad. He is such an amazing guy, he severed a mission in England and really understands what it means to love people. He has that amazing gift of love and knowing how to talk to people. I really admire him and I was so glad to meet him! We went to his work and tried talking to him but he was so busy talking to so many people. Everybody just loves this guy! So we scheduled to meet up with him later on in the day with another member named Andrea. So when we met up with them we really hit hard on how we can be Positive and loving people because that is what this branch needs right now! So I asked them if they are ready to join me and my companion to change this branch into something that it hasn't been in a while. Andrea was super negative and hating on people so I sat her down and told her, "You know what, in my life I haven't liked a lot of people. I didn't like some teachers I had, I didn't like some coaches I had or even friends". How are we going to let one person change our whole life? THATS STUPID! We need to look at it as wow they have helped me become who we are today! We need to hit them with so much love and I just shared some stories I have with some people. She then took that seriously and I asked her and Vlad if they will be willing to work with us missionaries to change this place! We need people with happiness, positivity and love! I am down and determined to change this city BACAU!

We also have this amazing Investigator named Gina and she has 2 little girls. Her husband works in Italy but hates that she meets with us and comes to church. She clearly loves her husband and that is why she hasn't been baptized yet. She doesn't want to cause any issues with her and her husband! Well she is the nicest lady ever! She brings us lunch like every other day out here! So we have been able to meet with her quite a bit! Shes awesome and hopefully we can get her baptized soon!

Thursday was my Year Mark and we had an exchange that day. That means I was able to go on an exchange with my boy Elder Miller! It was so good to work with him again! It was Elder Miller and Elder Davis and I on the exchange. We kicked off the exchange with some contacting and we met this couple and it ended up being the coolest people I have ever met! We talked to them for a while and then we took them to the church to teach them! Well the lesson ended up being 4 hours long. We were able to teach them the first three lessons! We only did that because they kept asking amazing questions that walked right into different lessons! So after we taught them those lessons, we invited them to baptism. They told us as they pray and read the scriptures to know if this church is true, and if they get the answer that it is, then they will be baptized! So that was way awesome! Super excited to continue to meet up with them! Then we met up with the branch president, President Popescu. We just talked about how we can get this branch to be amazing and what we can do as missionaries better. He told us there hasn't been a baptism here in Bacau in 4 years and so he said that would be nice. So Elder Baker and I are really going to try hard to hit our goals and get a baptism or 2 this transfer! I have big visions and goals for this city this next transfer and im excited to get this going!

After our day was over during the exchange, Elder Miller and I changed and went out to throw the football for a while and DANG that felt so good! Elder Miller really wants me to follow him and walk on wherever he goes and plays football. He thinks I am good enough to take the starting spot away from someone because of my speed and hands! So who knows whats in store haha. What a story that would be!

Saturday Transfer Boards came out and Elder Davis will be leaving tomorrow to go home to America. So he is pretty pumped. So am I lol. I will be staying in Bacau with my boy Shake and Bake (Elder Baker). We are going to kill it this transfer! Im super excited to see what happens this transfer! Since Our mission merges on July 1st with Hungry, this last transfer was only 5 weeks so this new one will be 7 weeks.

Sunday was a great day, we had 19 people at church and 7 investigators! It was like a record for Bacau. After church, we had a video call with President Constantinescu so he can talk to the branch on how we can unite and it didn't really go as he planned. A lot of members just went off on how this branch sucks and all kinds of other things. So we have a lot of member work to do here so it doesn't get shut down!

Later that night I went and burned my year mark shirt and that was fun. So many memories and great opportunities this last year! Time for another one. Countdown begins!

Other than that, nothing too crazy happened! Elder Baker and I are pumped to start this new transfer together and kick butt.

I hope you all have a great week and know how much I miss and love you all! Also thank you to all of you guys for emailing me about my email last week! Im glad you guys liked it! Im glad you guys like reading my weekly's. I not only try to help people out her in Romania, I try to also help people back home as you guys read my weekly's! I sure do love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Jacob


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