February 5, 2018


Constanta, Romania


Elder Miller

Crazy News, Emergency Transfer, Baptism date set and New comp

Hey guys,

Breaking News: SO like I said last week, I told you guys that something crazy is happening with our mission! Well here is the news. So starting July 1st, 2018 our mission is combining/merging with HUNGARY. So our mission will no longer be called Romania/Moldova Mission, It will now be called the Hungary/Romania Mission. Moldova will no longer be apart of our mission. It will now be apart of the Ukraine Mission. Our Mission President, President Hettinger will continue to be the Mission President over our new mission. Him and his wife will be moving from Bucharest, Romania to Budapest, Hungary! It is pretty crazy to think about all this going down in July, I am pretty excited for it but at the same time kind of worried because we are losing a bunch of missionaries. We now only have 88 missionaries in the mission right now and when I came in there were 100. We will continue to go down until we get to about 50 or 60 so that just makes things even more interesting. Also we are 1 of 3 missions that merged with no high priest so that makes things hard and interesting as well! I know that god has a plan for this and im excited to see what happens and how our mission can grown and have more success.

Also that Elder Miller leaves to go home to America Monday morning at 8am to get surgery on his wrist and I will be getting a new companion. His name is Elder Quist!


Tuesday not to much happened! It was a pretty unproductive day but that happens sometimes! We were able to go to Sora Nitika house and give here a spiritual thought and she loves us. I love her so much, I have a soft place in my heart for older people and how they are so nice and thoughtful and are always smiling and loving others! She is so happy and always filled with joy and it brings happiness to my heart every time I visit her! She always has the biggest smile on her face and I really hope that's how I am when I get older and just love life as much as she does. We were able to talk to her about Moses 4,5,6 and it went really good! After Sora Nitika we had English and this English class, for some reason everyone was kind of just mad. It made it fun though because we ended up being like counselors the whole English class. I then went down stairs to grab a Plan Of Salvation pamphlet for one of the sisters in the English class. When I got downstairs there was a drunk guy just sitting on our couch OUT COLD. The front door was wide open and i was just confused. I then went upstairs and got Mario and we bot tapped him and he wouldn't budge. Nothing was waking this guy up, so we left him till the end of English. After English one of the students went to leave but smacked this drunk guy in the face and apparently it was his friend lol! This dude could barely get up and walk! Pretty crazy! We then went to dinner for our good Nigerian friend Jesse. He turned 23 so I ended up buying his dinner and it was really good!

Wednesday was a crazy day! In the morning, we were able to play tennis with Sorrin and Elena and I wont lie im getting a lot better at tennis! It is pretty fun when your playing a competitive game. After tennis we had Sorrin take us to the place for the visa papers again because those papers we got last week were wrong so we had to go through the whole process again and that was a pain. The lady we were dealing with was really rude and so we had to deal with that fight and try everything we could to be nice and get what we needed and we ended up winning the situation and got the right papers. After that we had to go home and pack to catch a train to Bucharest for Zone Conference that is tomorrow. The train ride was nice because i got to sleep for 2 hours and that felt so good because I have been so exhausted and my body has just been going non stop I feel like.

Thursday was a great day, we had Zone Conference all day and I learned so much! The spirit that is felt in Zone Conference was awesome! We were able to talk about extending Invitations and Commitments! We also talked a lot about member work and how to ask for referrals. I have never been the greatest with asking members for Referrals and I know that that can help huge in our mission because usually the referrals we get from members are golden. There was a lot that we talked about and the spirit that was felt was great! I love feeling the spirit that our heavenly father brings and also that President Hettinger brings to us missionaries. After Zone Conference we had interviews with President and my whole interview was asking who I want for a new companion because Elder Miller is leaving Monday morning at 8am to go back home to America to have surgery! President asked who my homies were in the mission and who I wanted to serve with. I ended up telling him I didn't want to serve with any of my homies because I want someone that will push me insanely hard with my language because that is my main focus! I want to be able to be very very good with my language by the end of this next transfer! Im ready to push my self to my limits and to be the best missionary in my mission and just feel super super good about everything. My vision is to be the BEST missionary this mission has ever had and to just kill it out here! So President told me he will find someone that will be perfect for me and so I was excited to start this new journey! I am extremely sad that I lose Elder Miller because we have had a TON of fun serving together for the past 4 months. He will always be one of my best friends for life! Its been a blast man! I have a ton to do in Constanta now and I have to basically run this place! I will be getting a new comp that does not know the area or people and stuff and then we will probably get new sister missionaries in like 3 weeks and I will have to tell them everything as well. So I have a ton on my plate and im ready to be the leader I am! After interviews we had to rush to the train station to catch a train back home to Constanta.

Friday in the morning, We got a call from President Constantinescu and he just was pretty upset because he found out about what is happening with our mission and he told us he feels betrayed because no one told him. He feels like this could hurt our mission and no one asked for his opinion and he just was kind of torn apart by that. We had district meeting this morning and it was an interesting one. The mission changed the way we look at goals! Instead of doing companionship goals, we are doing district goals which is kind of weird. After District Meeting we were able to go find a referral that we were given by the Church Head Quarters. We ended up finding it after looking for a little while and the lady that answered said that the women we were looking for moved to Bucharest so that sucked.I then met up with Lacra and she gave me a really good language study and I learned a ton from her. We then had game night as usual and Mario, Lacra and Jesse showed up and we had a fun time!

Saturday was a day of taking it all in lol. We got a call early in the morning telling us again that Elder Miller is leaving Monday morning at 8am to go home and that I am getting a new companion. My new companion is Elder Quist and he is pretty quiet and doesn't like sports. That is going to be a hard change for me but I can do it! He knows the language very well and im super excited for this new opportunity and journey. Im ready to take over and kill the work out here. After the call we had to rush to the church and teach English and that was fun because it was Elder Millers last time and so it was like a last goodbye! The rest of the day we went back to the apartment for Elder Miller to pack all of his stuff. While he was packing I decided I would DEEP CLEAN the whole apartment and WOW!! I found a ton of stuff and now I feel so clean and new, now that I deep cleaned the apartment.

Sunday was an amazing day!!! We had church and at church we had 21 people show up with 4 investigators. I was called to be the first counselor of the branch now that miller left! After church though we were able to have a lesson with one of our investigators Marius who is our Branch Presidents son. His whole family is LDS and he knows so much about the Gospel! He comes to church all the time and hes just really great. In our lesson we taught the Restoration and we were able to bring Lacra with us since they are pretty good friends! When do got to the baptismal part of the lesson we spent a lot of time just talking about baptism and how it has changed our lives. Lacra gave a awesome testimony on how she felt and how happy she is to have been baptized! The spirit that was there was super powerful and we knew it would be a great time to extend a baptism date for him. I ended up inviting him to be baptized on February 17th but he said that was to fast, so we ended up with a date of March 3rd. MARIUS WILL BE BAPTIZED ON MARCH 3RD! I am so excited and couldn't be more blessed! It is the best way to end Elder Millers and I service together! We started with a BANG! Now we are ending with a BANG! I love serving a mission and doing everything i can to change peoples lives for the better! I love to see people happy and feel so good about them selves! I LOVE ROMANIA! I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE! I LOVE SERVING MY HEAVENLY FATHER! I have been so blessed so far on my mission and i couldn't thank God enough for everything he continues to do for me! Elder Miller and I then caught a train at 5pm to go to Bucharest to get my new comp and for Elder Miller to get ready to go home. It was a sad train ride but i know everything will be alright! Elder Quist is from Canada and he is 13 months out on his mission and we are ready to work hard!

That is all I have for this week! It has been a hectic but amazing week! I hope all of you guys have the best week this week! I love and miss all of you guys!

Elder Jacob


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