January 15, 2018


Constanta, Romania


Elder Miller

It’s the Snow time

Hey guys,
First of all I want to Say Happy Birthday to my Grandma Romney Today!

Well I think I jinks myself last week when I said that I was being blessed with the amazing weather out here in Romania because the last three days it has been FREEZING with little snow particles falling. Its been 20 degrees the last three days but with the wind coming off the black sea it feels 10x worse! Its horrible! Today is snowing really good and everything is white so that's rad!

Tuesday, was a weird day because we got a call telling us that we had to be at the church to wait for this guy that is putting in new appliances in the bathrooms and kitchen! He was suppose to come at 11 but ended up not showing up till like 1 and didn't leave until like 3:30 so that sucked! As soon as he left we had to rush over to Sora Nițika house to give her our usual Tuesday afternoon spiritual thought! We were able to go over D and C 132 with her and it was a great time! That chapter has a lot of things we were able to talk to her about so that took a while! She loved every minute of it though, her being 85 has the sweetest spirit every time we go over there! At the end of our lesson she had us sing 4 hymns and she has never told us to do that for her before so that was a first and it was pretty bad lol! It was pretty funny! We then had English and there were 9 people that showed up! We had a new little girl show up with her mom and she was 6 years old and she was super cute! She wants to learn English but doesn't want to learn it from her mom so she came to our English class! She killed it! Later that night we decided to make calls to our investigators and to set up lessons with them! We were able to get into contact with (Joshua, Farn, Somewhere and Mike) and set up some times to meet up for lessons this week. So we will see if they follow through or not!

Wednesday morning we were able to go play some tennis with two of our English students (Sorrin and Elena). They are super good at tennis while Elder Miller is ight and im just kinda horrible lol! I was on Sorrin team and we lost out of a game of 7 sets! Tennis is just not my game, i give so much credit for those that can play that game! Once we got back home to change we were able to call another investigator Blase and schedule a lesson with him at 4:30 so we were excited for that one! Today two sister missionaries also came into our city from Bucharest for the next two days. Sora Nelmelka and Sora Casseneda came to get some of their visa stuff fixed because they expired so we had to meet up with them and give them the keys for the other apartment! So then 4:30 rolled around and Blase called us and said he was on his way for our lesson and so we got all ready and prepped for our lesson and he ended up just not showing up so that was just awesome! It was ok though because we had another lesson planned for after Blase with Somewhere and he showed up! We were able to teach Somewhere the Restoration and it went really well! He is a very religious guy and LOVES the bible! Which is great but kind of difficult when were trying to talk about the Book Of Mormon and what not! Before the lesson happened, Elder Miller and I felt like it would be good to extend a Baptismal Invitation to him and so we did that but he wasn't about it quite yet! He told us that hes already baptized, so why would he have to do that again. So we have to address that better and just keep working with him! It will get there, i have a bunch of faith in these Nigerians! After the lesson we were able to meet up with Lacra who is a member because she wanted to meet up with the sisters as well! So we were able to have a good time to end our night!

Thursday morning, today was the day where Elder Miller and I started a rapping competition as we just walk the streets! We just try to spit some great lines! We try to find every way to have fun out here when there is no one to really talk to or when there is nothing to even do! Elder Miller and I were able to go find a Referral we were given by some other missionaries! His name is Alex and They have taught him about the Book Of Mormon and he has one and has been reading it. So we knock on his door and introduce ourselves but he just told us he is way to busy right now and that we should just try to call him next week! So that visit was super fast but we will stay in contact with him and see where it goes! After we went to Alex house to try to talk to him, we went contacting for a little while to find new people and there was like no one out because its starting to get really cold outside! We were standing in front of the mall and we got this guy named Alex to stop and talk to us lol! he ended up telling us that he is atheist and doesn't believe in god! So i was able to tell him the AMAZING story of Mario and he then ended up taking the Book Of Mormon and seemed to be interested so we will see where that goes! After standing outside trying to talk to people and not having much success, we went to the church to have a lesson with a less active member! Her name is Mihaela and is a super nice woman! She ended up telling that she hasn't come to church for a while because she is so busy with Medical school and her clinical's that she has to do on Sundays! We were able to just talk to her about a talk and the Plan Of Salvation and it went really well! She said she is going to try better to be active and to me that's all that matters! Out here if we can get people to commit to be better and to learn more that its a huge blessing! After the lesson we were able to meet up with Mario, Lacra, Jesse and his girlfriend to go hangout at the mall with them and get some dinner! That was a good time because with all of us together it just feels like a family and we can feel the love we have for each other! Then to end my night i was walking home and almost got bit by a vicious dog so that was a great experience! LOL

Friday, not much happened at all because it was so freaking cold! In the morning we had our usual District Meeting that takes way to long! Later that night we were able to meet up with Mario and Lacra again and go to city park and look at the lights and try to talk to some people but no one was out because it was super cold! It was fun to interact with two of our members though and see a change of heart in Mario a little bit!

Saturday was a great day! I woke up to it snowing and it was the best because in Queen Creek you never just wake up and see it snowing so that was something new. In the morning we rushed to the church because the sisters Transfer Board came out so we were very curious to see if we are getting sisters back in Constanța or not! We found out that we are not getting them back this transfer and i was so happy! I like being in a two man with MY BOY JUSTIN! We then had English class and had a good turnout! After English we were able to have a lesson with Sorrin And Elena! We gave Elena a Book Of Mormon a while ago and she finished it which was super cool! She said she loved the book! We taught them the Restoration but wasn't to get through all of it because they were in a rush and had to leave! They loved what we had to say and were super interested and want to learn more! We will be in contact with them this upcoming week! Later that night we had game night with Mario, Rares, Jesse and his girl. We played Monopoly and I won it! It was the longest game ever but ya Boy won it!

Sunday we had a total of 20 people at church which was another good turn out for our branch! Sacrament meeting was great as always! Sunday school was even more amazing because Sora Constantinescu taught us and she just brings so much wisdom to all of us! The Army guys that are LDS and come to church when they can brought me some A and W Root Beer from America because at their base they have all kinds of american stuff! It was like Christmas for me! After church we were able to go give Sora Nițika the sacrament as we do every Sunday!

That is my week for all of you guys! It was an alright week! I hope you guys have a great week this week and continue to be happy and positive each and every day!


SPIRITUAL THOUGHT: Moses 1 And Abraham 3

Two Questions To Think Of: Who Am I? and Why Am I?

So In Moses 1 we read about his experience with the lord. In Verses 1-11 Moses learns about his identity and his abilities! The identity gives us the ability to realize the values of ourselves!

In verse 4, Who is he talking to? -My Son

In verse 6, Who is he talking to? -My son

In verse 7, Who is he talking to? -My son

He then goes onto to say that people without God is nothing. He then also talks about Gods work and glory! God has given us everything! Even this earth that we all live on, God created it! If that isn't amazing I don't know what is! He then goes to tell us that we are the center part of gods work and that we all need to be like him and build this church and amazing gospel!

He then goes to talk about Immortality and eternal life! What is the difference between the two?

Immortality- Is to live forever

Eternal Life- Is Eternal happiness and being able to live with Christ and our families again Forever!

So The question Why Am I? comes up - Because we all chose Jesus Christ and We all chose to be like him and to be the best people we can be and follow his commandments and listen to his prophets and the teachings they provide us!

In verses 12-23 in Moses 1 we read how Satan comes after Moses vision with Christ! Satan tries to tempt Moses to try to come unto him and follow him! Satan keeps referring to Moses as "My Son" as Christ did and tries to take his identity!

In Abraham 3: 22,23 we read about the vision that god gives to Abraham!

Abraham saw Prophets and Many of Us people in his vision! Once again god has a plan for all of us and WE ALL are his missionaries!

What I have learned from reading these chapters is that Fordination cant over take agency because god has a great plan for all of us but if we choose not to follow him or make the right good decisions that he would want us to make then it all doesn't matter!

How do we know our purpose? This goes back to our who and why questions! (Scriptures, Patriarchal Blessings, Prophets, Prayers, and Families) these are the answers to these questions! These things are what Moses and Abraham had to rely on and seek through just like we have to! I think that this is a super cool lesson to think about! We Are so blessed as people!

So in conclusion to wrap this all up, After reading these this week I thought it would be a great spiritual thought! We are all sons and daughters of God! He has a plan for every single one of us and its up to us if we want to follow him and follow his teachings! We have all the sources to be just like him! We each have so many amazing different values that we have that god has given us! Now it is up to us whether or not were going to use those values in the right way! We are nothing without god, and I think that is just an amazing gift that he has provided us with! We are the center of his work here on the earth, so we all have to be working hard and doing everything we can to bring people unto him! We all have a purpose on this earth and if you don't think so then think of those two questions and think of what you have and have been given and answer them for your self! We all might have times where Satan will try to tempt us just like he did with Moses but we have to stay faithful and turn him away and know what is the right thing to do! We have been given the best gift and that is Eternal Life with our families and future families and that is what makes me so so happy! I love this amazing gospel!

Got A and W Root Beer
Elder Miller and I using our Football hand warmers because its freezing
Me being a model in the lights
The Squad (Lacra, Mario, jesse and his gf)
And some more

Elder Jacob


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