January 1, 2018


Constanta, Romania


Elder Miller

Happy New Year 2018


WOW how I am happy all these holidays are finally over! I got through all the awesome holidays this year! I only have to do that one more time! Being in at 7pm for New Years Eve was a tough one for me lol. Last Night through our balcony window, we can see all of Constanta and it was like a Communist Block War Zone with all the fireworks everywhere! I miss Fireworks NGL!

I just want to start off by saying Happy Birthday this week on Friday to The Man, The Myth, The Legend, My POPS! Happy Birthday Dad. 40 has never looked so good!

This week was another normal week for Elder Miller and I here in Constanta. On Tuesday, It was Romania's 2nd day of Christmas because they have two days of Christmas here. We were able to go contacting in City Park to try feel that Christmas Spirit still even though we thought it was weird celebrating Christmas twice! While we were trying to talk to people in the park, no one wanted to talk to us. They all wanted to be left alone and spend time with their families. We were able to get one guy to stop and talk to us and he told us that he believe in Mohammed and started telling us about him and we still don't really understand what he believes in and what not but he just told us he wasn't interested! After contacting for a while we then headed over to our usual Tuesday afternoon lesson with Sora Nițica. Like half way through our lesson, her son Lorenciu who is a member but has been struggling with smoking and drinking and has schizophrenia came in drunk out of his mind. He tried to put away some bread and almost fell like 3 times. He then started to talk very loud and started talking a lot and it was the most I have ever heard him talk! He then finally got up to just go to sleep and he almost fell over again and hit his head on the frig. It was a wild lesson! After the lesson we had English but we expecting like nobody to show up because it was still Christmas. Rasvan and Doru showed up though and we got to just talk to them for like 20 minutes and then they left.

Wednesday was a good fun day, We went over to one of our members Lacra's house pretty much all day! Her mom fed us the main dishes from Romania, which are (sarmali and mamaliga) It was so good! I love both of them! Her mom was also nice enough to tailor all my pants euro style which I am very pumped for once they are all done! We got to just hangout and talk to Lacra and her mom all day because they are such good people but have some trials and hardships. So it was good to meet up and have lunch and get to know them even better! Her mom is not a member, only Lacra is. She is 17 and the only child in her household. She is an amazing member with a fantastic testimony and a heart of gold. On our way home from her house that night, we got yelled at by some guy on the bus telling us that he didn't believe in Christ and told us we shouldn't be here. He then pulls a cross out from under his shirt and starts kissing it and praising God! He told us that we are Satan and need to go back to America so that was a funny story to have to end our night.

Thursday was a long day, In the morning after my language study I looked at Elder Miller and said hey man ill bet you right now that I can go out and get 4 new investigators today. He said ok lets bet for more protein and so I was all about it. After a filled day of contacting I won the bet and got 4 new investigators. (ionuti, Miruna, Cristi, claudiu) and Elder Miller owes me new Protein. Later that night, President Constantinescu asked us and Mario to come over for dinner and so we did and it was really really good! We had some amazing chicken that Sora Constantinescu made.

Friday night Elder Huntsman and Elder Loder came to town for an exchange we had on Saturday! That night was fun because Elder Huntsman and Loder are hilarious and i was just laughing all night!

Saturday was our exchange and it was also TRANSFER BOARDS. We rushed to the church in the morning to see what changes were and not a lot of changes were made! Elder Miller and I are staying together for our 3rd transfer together and we are hyped! This transfer will be 8 weeks instead of 6 weeks so that's cool! Elder Huntsman was with me for the exchange and we did a killer Language study and I was getting a little frustrated with it because we were reading the Book Of Mormon and was going over future tense indicators and I just couldn't remember the indicators! He looked at me and said hey man why you frustrated? I told him that I know these indicator but I just couldn't remember them at that moment and that I just feel like I know nothing. He looked at me and said dude, listen I was in my 5th transfer and lost so much sleep because I didn't know the language and couldn't figure it out and couldn't memorize anything. He told me that I know a lot more than I giver myself credit for and that I need to be proud for how much I know because I do know a lot! I just don't give my self the credit. I thought that was super cool because he was in my shoes and he is great at the language! It will come! We then all went to lunch then the beach because Elder Loder was freaking out because he is a surfer guy and hasn't seen the Sea/ocean for 18 months.

New Years Eve Sunday was good, Elder Miller and I and a bunch of family back home fasted for Savanna and her Family as she leaves this Wednesday for her mission! It was an awesome experience and Elder Miller and I felt the happiness and love that will go to them for this amazing opportunity! I couldn't be more happy, proud and excited for her! Send her a email of love and comfort as she leaves this week! We had a total of 17 people at church and had some great lessons and speakers. We had 1 investigator at church. He is a Nigerian and his name is "somewhere". He Loved church and wants to come next week as well! After church we did our usual and went to Sora Nițica to give her the sacrament.

That is my week for yall! #GOKENROCZEN


Since its a new year and since i will be in Romania for all of 2018, i decided that i was going to pick one scripture and have that be my scripture for the year! I picked

D&C 6:36

36 Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.

I Picked this scripture because this year i really want to focus on every thought i have, that it is toward Christ. I don't want to fear or doubt anything i do this year! I want this year as a missionary to be an amazing year and full of miracles and blessings. I want every thought to be about him and to know what he has done for me and to be thankful and gratefully for everything I have. Its going to be a great year and im excited to start this year with a bang! 2018 is going to be fun and full of miracles!

I hope everyone has a great week and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Love you guys!

Elder Jacob


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