December 4, 2017


Constanta, Romania


Elder Miller

Obedience brings blessings and happiness

Bună dimineaţa!

This week was another week full of business! Working non stop! Always exhausted by the end of the days! I have a lot to talk about! Sit down and enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, was good day but was a long one! In the morning we had a lesson with Mario and we showed him some talks from last general conference but he did not want to listen. He just wanted to play ping pong with us. So I got a little frustrated with him because im trying to prepare a good lesson for the kid to continue to learn more! So I sat him down and I told him to just listen to one talk and we can discuss it so we did that! After the lesson we went home to eat some lunch and get our bags ready to leave to Bucharest for our exchange. After I ate my lunch, I was doing my dishes and all of a sudden a pipe breaks under the sink and so we had a lake in our kitchen because we couldn't find where you turn the water off for like 3 minutes! Of course this had to happen right before we had to leave to the train station! So we had to use all kinds of blankets and towels to try to soak up all the water because our apartment doesn't have any towels! Eventually we got it all cleaned up then left to the train station and left for Bucharest!

Wednesday, was our exchange day and i was with Elder Francis. Since the ZL's are also office elders its hard for them to do exchanges because they are so busy in the office! So in the morning we planned our day and we then headed to the office so he could do some office work! We then went to TACO BELL for lunch! It just opened down here in Romania and it was AMAZING! Haven't had that in soooo long! We then did an awesome Language study and I learned so much! It is finally starting to come to me pretty good! The Romanian language is a beautiful language but super hard and I love studying it! After the language study we had to go grab a ton of missionary tags that people ordered, so we hopped in the car and went to the tag shop! Elder Francis driving in Bucharest is pretty scary! Idk if he has ever driven before lol! He drives like he is 16! Once we got the tags we met up with Elder Cowser, Vashchenko, Welling and Macnab and went block knocking! We went to the college dorms and block knocked and that was fun because they are all our age and they actually want to have conversations with us. We got a lot of people that were interested and wanted to learn more! After block knocking for a while Elder Miller and I had to rush to the train station to make our train back home to Constanța. The exchange was fun and a good experience! I found out our mission is going to be getting less missionaries according to the first presidency of the church which really stinks because we need more missionaries for the work out here! Our goal is a Stake and that wont happen if we decrease in Missionaries.

Thursday, was a good day. We met up with our friend Rarish at the mall and taught him a lesson while we had some lunch and it was good but he told us that he doesn't want to be one of us and has no intentions on wanting to learn more. So we just told him ok and if he ever wanted to learn more that we would love to teach him! After meeting with Rarish we met up with Mario at the church. We were planning on teaching him again but we decided to go street board contacting with him and the sisters. It was freezing cold but that doesn't stop Elder Jacob handing out 5 Book Of Mormons and teaching them about it in the park and getting their contact information. I met this kid David and his girlfriend and he was all about the Bible and so i told him we read both books but we have another book that we believe in as well which is another testament of Jesus Christ. He then started throwing a ton of questions at me and I was trying my best to answer them! I sat there talking to him for 45 mins trying to answer questions and asking him questions and just talking about the book of Mormon! Eventually I got his contact info and he told me he wanted to meet up with me on Saturday to give me a book that is all about the bible! haha! He never called me on Saturday so I wasn't able to get the book! We hope to meet up with him this week! After that we went and got some dinner, then went home and studied the rest of the night!

Friday, It was Great Union Day which is a huge holiday here. In the morning we had district meeting and it went well. We couldn't really make any goals for a district because we pretty much knew that Constanța was going to become a 2 man city this next transfer. So we just read out of Preach My Gospel and had Sora Purtchurt give us her last thoughts. After D Meeting we had a branch activity to celebrate Great Union Day. It went very well, we played some games and ate Sarmale which is Romania's main dishes and it is very good! I love it. We then had a lesson with our Nigerian friend Mike after the party. Having lessons with Mike is always very hard mentally because he knows sooo much about the gospel and his question are extremely hard to answer. He is a very smart man. I prepared a lesson on Revelation with him because last time we met with him, he told us he wants to be baptized but is waiting for Revelation from god to tell him that he needs to be baptized again into our church! So we showed him a talk from my favorite apostle Elder Bednar "The Spirit Of Revelation" which he gave in April 2011 it is an amazing talk! He gives so much wisdom and just hits it on the head. We also showed him the " The Spirit Of Light" videos by Elder Bednar as well. After all the wisdom that we told him about revelation and how sometimes you have to take that leap of faith before you get the revelation and everything that Bednar talks about, Mike still had some insanely tough questions and is still set on waiting for Christ to give him revelation through his dreams. We decided to still extend a baptismal date, so we decided to extend a date for December 16th and he said that he will pray about it and tell Christ that he needs to know his answer by December 16th. We are really excited to see what happens and we are pushing for Mike to be converted! Keep him in your guys prayers for us. After the lesson with Mike, We had Institute and it was such a great experience and i will talk about it a little later.

Saturday, Transfer Boards came out this morning and it was a crazy transfer board. A lot of changes were made. Constanta is now a 2 man city, so it is just Elder Miller and I here doing all the work. No more sisters this upcoming transfer but they will probably be back after this transfer. Once we saw the board, we had English and the sister taught it since it was their last one here in Constanta. I then did a language study after English to try to learn the perfect past tense of Romanian. Super difficult to understand but it will come. We then went to lunch and we all got Kebab's. super good! the food here in Romania is super good and i love it. Later on we had game night and we did the usual and played ping pong. Then the Constantinescu called us and asked if we all wanted to go to dinner with them so we were able to go to dinner with them and it was a good time. President Constantinescu and I started talking about all the war movies we have watched and if was fun talking about movies for a while.

Sunday, was a good day. It was fast Sunday and fast Sundays are always the best because I feel like you can feel all the little blessings that come from fasting. We had church and it was great. We had 13 members, 3 investigators (mike,farn,and Rarish) and us 4 missionaries. Mario got to Bless the sacrament for the first time and it was amazing! the spirit was felt so strong in that moment know that it was his first time doing it! After church we went over to Jesse's house and got to talk to him for a little while.

That is my week for you guys! another one down!


So in institute this week, the lesson was amazing and I wanted to talk about it. How are we suppose to pay Christ back for what he has done for us? We will never be able to pay Christ back for what he did for us which is die for us to live with him again. The thing he just wants from us, is to serve. Serving others is a way Christ wants us to pay him back! The act of serving others brings so much happiness and I have seen that in the 6 months that I have been serving. It is truly the best feeling and the best happiness to feel when you know you have changed someone life or even their day by serving them.

We read Mosiah 2: 20-24 In these scriptures it tells us that we are all unprofitable servants and that we should serve him with our whole souls. It also tells us that Christ requires us to keep his commandments and that if we keep his commandments that we will prosper in the land and he will also bless and prosper us.

To me unprofitable servants means that we all need to serve him with no pay back! Just because we are serving him each and every day doesn't mean he needs to pay us back with something amazing! we should do with the love of our hearts.

We then read 1 Nephi 3:7 and 1 Nephi 2: 9-19 and in these verses we get to see what the difference is between Nephi and his brothers and their attitudes when things started to get hard. When Lehi got revelation that he has to take his family into the wilderness, he teaches his sons to keep the commandments. Laman and Lemuel decided to murmur and did not follow the commandments but Nephi was Obedient and prayed in faith. Nephi trusted and sought out for himself but his brothers were very prideful and didn't believe and broke the commandments and wasn't obedient.

In 1 Nephi 2: 9-19 we all need to insert our names for OUR promise land. What is my promise land? Well in 2 Nephi 5;27 we learn that our attitude and obedience dictates our promise land.

Our obedience to God’s commandments is one way that we demonstrate our gratitude for His marvelous blessings. The Savior is a perfect example of obedience. Our desire to be obedient grows as our love for God increases. Obedience to the commandments makes it possible for God to provide the help we need as we seek to accomplish difficult tasks.

In Mosiah 2:41 we learnt that if we follow the commandments are are obedient that we become happy and are blessed in all things. We are blessed temporal and spiritually. If we just be obedient and be the best people we can be everyday, we will dwell with god in never ending happiness.

I just want to end with a little testimony I know if we are obedient and follow the commandments that we will all be blessed and will be extremely happy! I know we all are not perfect. I mean im not perfect at all I have a lot myself that I need and could be a lot better at but I have seen in serving my mission that when we are obedient and follow the rules or commandments that the lord has blessed me. I have seen so many mini miracles out here in Romania because of following the rules and being obedient. I am so extremely happy out here in my mission and im so thankful and grateful to be serving a mission in Romania! I know that we are all children of Heavenly Father. He loves us so much. I have felt his love for me so many times throughout my life, and I have felt his love for other people come through me. He has given me a little glimpse of that love several times so far out here in Romania and I have seen people through his eyes. He sees us for who we can become, not just who we are right now. Our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy, and he has given us a way to be happy even in the midst of trials. Our Savior Jesus Christ has suffered everything that we will never feel in this life. He knows each of us, and he is there to help us every step of the way. I have felt him carry me during the hardest times in my life when I could not go on and wanted to just give up. He is there for us. I know he lives. I know this gospel is true. This is the same church that Jesus Christ set up while he was on the Earth. It was restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. He translated the Book Of Mormon by the power of god. I know the Book Of Mormon is true, I have read it and prayed about it, and the Holy Ghost has testified to me that it is true every time I ask. Heavenly Father hears our prayers, he will answer them I promise. The gospel changes lives, it has changed mine. I cant imagine my life without knowing about it. The Gospel brings so much joy,peace and happiness to peoples lives. It brings all of that to my life. I am so grateful for the temple, I know I can be with my family and future family forever. I cant wait to be able to go back to the temple after my mission! I love my mission and I love being a Missionary! So much happiness comes from being a missionary and this gospel.

I hope everyone has the best week and I just want to let all of you guys know I love all of you and miss you! Be happy and positive everyday. #lighttheworld


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