November 13, 2017


Constanta, Romania


Elder Miller

A Wild one

Hey guys,

Let me just start off by saying finally this week is over! It was such a long week and so many Emotions have hit me this week! Im glad its over! It was a good but tough week for me!

All week I was just so stressed out because I had to confirm and bless Mario on Sunday and it all had to be in Romanian. My memorization is horrible so all week I was just reading and memorizing what I needed to for Sunday which was an amazing experience.

Tuesday was a pretty relaxed day! I went to Kaufland (which is the main grocery store) and I got all the food that I needed to start my new diet that im going to try to get gains out here in Romania haha! Lots of (chicken, rice, eggs, milk, protein shakes, green beans, bananas, tortillas and toast) it should be a good change hopefully haha. Then later that day we had a lesson with Mario and we went through the baptism interview questions with him because he had to face time the zone leaders after we went over them with him so he can pass to be baptized. After Marios lesson we had to teach English and it was a great turnout. We had about 26 people show up so we split into a beginner and a advanced class! Elder Miller and I took the advanced class. At the end of the class we leave them with a Spiritual thought and so Elder Miller decided to explain the Book of Mormon and it was very very good! 4 people decided to take a book of Mormon because they were interested! Super cool experience.

Wednesday was another chill day! We taught Mario again and we were able to teach him the priesthood. He was so excited to be able to get the priesthood soon! After his lesson we had a seminary class that we all went too. President Constantinescu wife put together a seminary and institute class that we have decided we want to join. She has such a powerful testimony about that Book Of Mormon. It was the best seminary class I have ever been too! I wish I took seminary seriously back home so I could of learned about the Book Of Mormon better! So kids stay in school and STAY in seminary because I sucked at both of those and I regret it. President Contstantinescu is a legend! He just spits wisdom at us every time we see him! I would put him up there as one of the best members in the world! He will be eventually be somewhere high up in the church! He pretty much runs the church in Romania! His testimony is unbelievable and I look up to him so much!

Thursday We had a lesson scheduled with Gudi who is a Nigerian and he decided to bung us so we were pretty bummed about that one! We then set up the baptism font to get ready for Friday!

Friday was an amazing day and one of the longest days of my life I felt like! In the morning we had a lesson with a guy named Mike who is also Nigerian and he was a referral that we got. This guy knows more about the church than I do! He knew EVERYTHING and could of been baptized on the spot. He had a few intense questions for us that we had no idea how to answer because they were so deep! He wants to be Baptized but he is waiting for revelation from Heavenly Father to tell him that he needs to be baptized! Were super excited for him because he will be an AMAZING member. he wants to serve a mission but he is 25 and hes too old!

We then had Marios Baptism that night and let me just say I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life! It was the Most powerful touching experience of my life! After Mario was baptized once he got out of the water he had the BIGGEST smile and was so happy! I was just as happy and excited for him! After he changed back into his white shirt and tie (which Elder Miller and I bought for him to wear to be like us) he got to give his testimony and his testimony was so so so powerful that he just started bawling in front of everyone and just started thanking the missionaries. He said that he has changed his life to the better and was just so happy and it was the best experience of my life! His mom was there for all of this and she told us thank you for bringing my son happiness again and changing his life! she was also crying because she was so happy for him. I love Mario so much and he will always be one of my best friends for life! He has made me a better person through this amazing experience that I have had to teach him and see his change!

Change can happen and I know that to be true because I have seen it out here on my mission! It all takes effort and sacrifice. We all struggle with things and I know if we go head to head with whatever were struggling with then I know we can win and overcome that challenge. Mario is a great example because he had a challenges he had to deal with but he wanted to be the better person and find that happiness that Christ brings him. HE DID IT!! Love that kid!

Saturday was another crazy day for the books! We finally got to meet with Aslans family. Aslan is a kid that i met at the bus stop and I just started talking to him asking how his day was then it turned into a conversation about us missionaries coming over to his house.We got to go over on Saturday and we found out they had 19 kids! The parents are Baptist Missionaries and felt that God wanted them to have a foster care home. They were very Baptist and so we didn't push anything while we there visiting but I did bring up the Book Of Mormon and they didn't really say much! They are all from American from Florida and so the wife made me American pancakes and brownies because I told her I haven't had that in 6 months and it was the best thing ever omg!!! Hanging out with all of the kids was super fun. It was a great experience! They sang for us and showed us where they have service and prayed for us and everything haha! Super cool!

Sunday came and this was the day I was so stressed about because I had to confirm and bless Mario in all Romanian! It ended up being one of the best blessing and confirmations ever! I felt super relaxed and the words that I wanted to say just came pouring out of my mouth and it was truly an amazing experience! The gift of Tongues is true and I can testify that! it helped me out so much on Sunday and I was so happy and proud of myself! Mario then ended up getting a blessing after that and his calling is now the Family History Consultant for the branch! he is super pumped about it!

There is my week! It was a wild one and full of emotions! I miss Queen Tucky and hope everyone has the best week!

Elder Jacob


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