October 30, 2017


Constanta, Romania


Elder Miller

Dream Team Botez Date

Hey Guys,

First of all I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Sister HAYLEE tomorrow she turns the big 12!! Love you Haylee! have a good day!

So this week has been great! So many things have happened! I love this city so far! I love my new companion Elder Miller! We are the dream team! haha putting two athletes together was the best decision!

So on Tuesday nothing much really happened I just had to go shopping and buy myself some food for home! Then we had to read 4 chapters in the book of Mormon because as a mission we started last Tuesday to read 4 chapters everyday in Romanian so then we will be done on December 24th which is a gift from us to our Heavenly Father for Christmas! It has been a really cool experience so far! Its super hard because I don't really understand a lot but im getting good at reading lol. Then we had game night and I got to meet Mario, Jesse, and Lacra! They are some awesome friends we have here.

Wednesday we woke up and it was FREEZING outside but we decided to go to the beach to take some cool pics because I wanted to see the beach! Since it was so cold outside we weren't able to do much! So we went back home and had some lunch then we read the Book Of Mormon! After that we got to go to a Nigerian Bible Study because My friend Jesse's is Nigerian and he invited us! It was actually really rad! I wanted to bring up the difference in the bible and Book Of Mormon but I didn't and just listened! super interesting though!

On Thursday we had our first lesson with Mario and he is a 17 year old kid that is super nice and very interested! So we decided to teach him the Restoration! While we were going over the Restoration he kept asking awesome questions and one was he wanted to know more about how eternal families work because he wants that more than anything in his life! So I told him that we would go over that with him on the next lesson and we will go over Gods plan for all of us! After the lesson I asked him if he wanted to close with a prayer and so he did and he said that he hasn't felt something so powerful and happy! He said that he opened his eyes and it was just bright amazing light that filled his heart! It was a great experience for him and for myself! Im glad I can be on a mission to make people feel the love for change in their life! Its the best feeling!

On Friday we started it off with District meeting and it went great! We set some awesome goals for our district to continue to have fire! After the Meeting we had another lesson with Mario and We decided to teach him the Plan Of Salvation and I told Elder Miller before we had the lesson that I'm going to extend a baptismal invitation for NOVEMBER 18th! So we Started the lesson and before the lesson was over he looked at us and said that he wants to become part of our church and it brought the biggest smile to my face! Once we got through the lesson and talked about Gods plan for all of us and eternal families, I looked at him and said " Mario, we have a baptismal service happening on November 18th do you think you can prepare yourself and be ready to get baptized on that day" he looked at me and said yes defiantly! He then told us that he wants to become a missionary like us as well and in a year that he could start his papers! I was the happiest person alive! The work here in Romania is hard and yes we get rejected a ton and yes it is the 2nd least baptizing mission in the WORLD BUT there are people here that are ready to hear about the gospel just like Mario is! We just keep working harder and harder each and every day to find the people that need and want this amazing gospel!

On Saturday nothing much happened we went and looked for a referral we were given and we got to his block and he wasn't home so we left a BOM at his doorstep with a note so were hoping he gets back to us! We then read the Book Of Mormon for 3 hrs because we fell behind because we were so busy! After reading we had game night and got to play ping pong with all of our friends!

On Sunday we had a crazy morning because day light savings happened I guess and idk day light saving because Im from Arizona and we dont have that so I woke up when my alarm goes off everyday which is 6:30 and apparently it was 5:30 so I got to get an extra hour of sleep so that was nice! Then we got ready for Church, but we had district Conference and that was nice! President Hettinger gave a good talk! After church we went home to have lunch then rushed over to Sora Neetsika house to give her the sacrament because she is super old and cant make it to the church! She a super nice lady! After that we had a lesson/dinner with mario and his mom and it went great! His mom is super interested as well and so were going to try to get them baptized on the same date but she wants to learn more! she also wants to read the whole BOM before anything!

This week was a great week! we worked really hard and good things came out of the hard work we put in!

Hope everyone has a great week this week! love yall!

Elder Jacob


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