May 21, 2018


David Zone in Solano Area


Elder Alvarez

Good times with the other Elders this week on P-day, playing soccer.

Como estas? Porque no sabe español. Español es muy facil. Jk (just kidding), I still can't say much but I understand so I'm half way there. Today we had P-day with all of the elders and we went on a hike and then we played soccer which was super fun (we did all of this in Volcan).
Help the missionaries find people to teach because we can't do it alone. We are excited to get inspired references from the members. We are working really hard & I like how it feels, we give 110% & work hard to reach the goals we set for that day. We still haven't had a baptism in a long time and it seems like every time we have an investigator that is ready they just want to investigate forever. We have been working on helping them to know they are ready and they need to take this important step but we haven't had much success. I have been praying to have inspiration and I will continue, but I haven't come up with anything yet. ¿Porque no yo? is a program we have here when we meet with a member family then we invite them to have a powerful prayer everyday to help them to know which of their friends need the gospel now. Then they write down the name and help us to teach them. We will keep working hard!
Elder MikMagic


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