May 7, 2018


David Zone in Solano Area


Elder Alvarez

Understanding about 80% of what people are saying...working on speaking!

I don't know what time we will Skype next Sunday on Mother's Day. We don't have a place in our area where we can because we aren't aloud to use the computers at the church. So we have to go to an internet place and use headphones that I need to buy today. It will probably be in the afternoon, so just be home until I call. I get an hour to talk.
This week has been good. We have had a good amount of success with cosechas and we have found a few families that I think could be ready for baptism soon. One of the families is a family of all girls and they are very shy, but the Mom and the oldest daughter seem interested. When we invited them to consider baptism the oldest daughter was the most positive and open to the idea. However, they didn't come to church because they had family arrive late Saturday night and they wanted to spend the day with them. The other family has a Mom and her two sons. They didn't seem super interested during the cosecha, but when we came back they were super positive and the oldest son has lots of questions.
My Spanish and understanding are doing much better. I understand 80% of what people say so I'm just working on being able to actually respond. Elder Alvarez and I have been doing a little better at speaking Spanish with each other. We could still do better, but I have seen an improvement already. I love the people and the work and I look forward to further improving my Spanish so I can teach better.
Here is my mailing address:

AP 0834-02798
Panama Provincia de Panamá

Elder Mikmagic


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