April 30, 2018


David Zone in Solano Area


Elder Alvarez

It's all about "Faith"...

I am really enjoying Panama and I am getting much better at Spanish. It's still hard but I understand when they talk. I'm glad to see the family is doing well.
This week started off bad, but got better. We had two days that nobody was home. We walked all day and every time we got to a house they wouldn't come to the door or they said they were busy. It was so frustrating. But then later in the week it got a lot better and we got a good amount of news that seem promising. We were gonna have a baptism this week, but he keeps saying he isn't ready even though he says he feels peace when he prays about the Book of Mormon. He is so ready but he is having a hard time realizing that he has got his answer already.

Cosechas (praying to find people) are going great. I am working on increasing the amount of things I say during them because when I give them they often feel short. But I love how the people almost always let us come back when we use cosechas (prayer). And it really shows their faith when we ask them if they think it will come true and they say yes. And when we ask how they say through their faith. That's when we know they are ready to receive the gospel, when they apply their faith. The gospel can't be taught or learned without faith. I love all of you guys and miss all of you,
Elder Mikmagic


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