April 2, 2018


David Zone in Solano Area


Elder Alvarez

John...baking in Panama...sunscreen John, sunscreen!

This week has been good. I get what is going on and my Spanish is improving. I love the work even when its hard and I know this gospel can change peoples lives. It's really sad when people don't make any progress when I know they have so much potential. I really hope the people we are currently teaching with accept the gospel and make covenants. It would be really nice to have some success. We will keep doing the best we can.My
first baptism was good, her hand on my arm didn't go under, so we did it 2 times. We cook food when we don't have dinner with members. We can only eat with members once a day so we eat a lot of snacks from the Chinos.
The rash that you asked about went away and I don't know what it was. Conference was great and we got to watch all of it in English which was awesome. There are so many changes that are going to be exciting to come back to. They don't really affect us in our little branch, but it's still cool. We lost two families of investigators this week which was sad, but we are still teaching a few more that are really interested. I hope it works out.
Again, I am kinda short on time because of sketchy computers but I love all of you.

Elder MikMagic

Pictures...1-John took a picture of Aunt Mary singing in General Conference; 2-E.Alvarez fixing the blinds?; 3-E.Alvarez made John food; 3-John is sunburned; 4-John is fried (sunscreen John....sunscreen!!)


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