March 26, 2018


David Zone in Solano Area


Elder Alvarez

John had a good week!

I am feeling a lot better and don't feel homesick anymore. We have been really working on figuring out the area and have been going through the area book to find all the people in it. My area is big, it's about 30 miles top to bottom and shaped like Idaho, so it's a lot of walking.
We do this thing called cosechas here. For an hour every day we pray for a specific family that we want to teach. We will recognize them because they will be outside or they will offer us water, etc. It works so well, we don't go to every house, just he ones The Spirit tells us about. It's awesome. When we go to a family we offer to give them a blessing in the name of Jesus Christ and we ask them what they want from God. Then we give their family a blessing, as them how they feel, and ask them if we can come back. It's really cool. Cosechas are really great.
Some days are better than others and some days it seems like nobody wants to talk to us, but it is amazing how the Lord answers our prayers as we do them. My Spanish has been improving and I am more helpful during the lessons. I can understand people pretty well, but it is still hard to respond. we had a baptism yesterday and it went well. It was the first one I had ever done.
I love everyone and am grateful for all the emails!
-Elder MikMagic


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