March 3, 2018


Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center


Elder Yapias

News from John...Elder MikMagic

John sent some videos this week from the I-pad he has in the MTC instead of writing an email. Here are the highlights from the videos… John enjoys the Elders &
Sister Missionaries he is with in the MTC. They all study together & are learning the same language (Spanish), as they are all going to Spanish speaking missions. John leaves for Panama in 10 days on March 13th at 4:50am.
He flies to Atlanta, Georgia & then on to Panama. He is excited to go. Most of his days in the MTC are similar & they study a lot, so he says he’s tired. They also get tired of the MTC & just want to get on to the country they are serving in! He says his Spanish language is coming. He will have a lot to learn when he arrives in Panama, but he is excited to do it.

They enjoy playing four square apparently in the MTC & have teams, good competition & comradery. They have fun names for each other, versions of their last names or personality characteristics. They spend a lot of time
together, so they have become friends. They have also made up a lot of fun phrases using the new language they are learning…things that rhyme & funny greetings for each other. Forinstance: “Que pasa calabaza”…”What’s up pumpkin?”

John is having a great experience! John appreciates everyone’s support, messages & packages. He says if you send something to the MTC, send something salty.

That’s the fun news this week from John (Elder MikMagic)!


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