February 25, 2018


Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center


Elder Yapias

John's been in the Missionary Training Center for 3 weeks...

Hola, My español is getting much better and I can have actual conversations now. I have an investigator named Mauricio and he only speaks español so if we want to teach him anything we have to have el don de lenguas (the gift of tongues). Este semana le pendimos que lea y ore sobre el libro de Mormón (We asked him to read & pray about the Book of Mormon). He has so far and we will ask him to be baptized en lunes (Monday). I hope he says yes.

Anyway, this week was amazing! Elder Holland came a la CCM (el centro de capacitacion de los misioneros...the Mission Training Center...M.T.C.) and gave the most powerful talk I have ever heard. He talked about how we as missionaries are the message to the world. He also gave his whole hour long talk with no notes at all, he said he was just as excited as us to find out what he would say. He ended it with a beautiful apostolic blessing. It was so amazing. The whole week before he came I listened to a couple of his talks a night, not knowing he was coming. I have listened to so many talks lately idk (I don't know) which ones to recommend.

I love all the packages I have gotten.

Elder MikMagic


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