September 12, 2017



First week in the field

It can be hard sometimes because I have a Latino companion and I'm not able to understand everything that he is saying, but I have really learned to understand more. We had an earthquake one night and I slept through the whole thing. Everyone said it was an 8.1. I wish that I would have woken up so that I could see it or I guess feel it. They also said the sky was green lol. Everything where I am is fine, destroyed buildings or anything. So everything is good here. I like my companion. He has been good to me when I can't understand the language and I am like a little child. We have 3 investigators; Eva, Rosa, and Rosa's son. They all have a good understanding about the church and and all have baptismal dates for the 28th. For Rosa and her son it was hard for them in the last lesson to understand that our church has the priesthood authority. I think they started to understand more and more which is really good. Eva is slow at learning which makes it hard to teach really fast but with my teaching so simply - that helps her a lot to understand faster and faster. She comes to church every Sunday.

The food here is amazing! I love it so much! Everyone in this area is nice and I don't worry about being robbed. All the members are really nice and kind!! There are so many people here that when we quick contact we never see the same person twice - which is good, but it is hard to find people when they are not at home (which is normal). There are a lot of dogs here that just walk around. We found some puppies that are with their mom by the church. I don't know if they are strays or not, but they live behind a fence in a little hole. I also saw my first dead dog in the street and it was very sad.

The sun is so bright here. I don't burn but even though it is 80 degrees normally it still is so hot. Crossing the streets are crazy. There really are no laws here and no one to keep the laws. I watched some cops try and find drugs on someone so they can get paid off and make some money. It really is so crazy down here but so many people to teach and share the gospel with. If you get the chance, read Ether 12 or the book, Our Heritage.

I love you ALL


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