August 30, 2017



Last week in the MTC

The time here has gone so fast!! I know I say that every week but it just gets faster and faster! This next Monday I will be out in the field and at 3pm that day I will be out meeting people and trying to talk to people in my Spanglish lol. My Spanish has so much more to improve but I know I will get there.

We got stickers that symbolize that it is our last week. Nine of the Twelve elders in my district are going to the Mexico City East Mission. I think there are a lot of others going into the mission as well. We are all excited for our mission president's wife to cook us all breakfast. The food isn't bad here, it's just when you cook for 600 missionaries they are cooking a lot of food.

In our progressing investigators I can tell that I have improved so much, because when we get feedback she always tell me how much I have been improving. The presidency here are always so much fun to talk to. I am excited to meet my mission president! Because it is our last week, we start to do some workshops to help us prepare more for the field. We do a lot of practices with other missionaries about just talking and trying to find investigators and kind of knowing what to say when the time comes. Which, now that I think about it, is so soon!!

This last Sunday and Tuesday I have been reading in the book Our Heritage and it is such a good book. One of my thoughts from reading is that Joseph Smith and the saints are like Nephi in their faith. Nephi was commanded to build a boat to cross the waters and he had no experience with building a boat and with great faith in the Lord he was given the way to build one. Joseph Smith and the saints were commanded to build the first temple and they had no money. Everyone was poor and there wasn't a lot of people to help build one. They had great faith in the Lord and they did all that they can to build a temple to the Lord! Through their faith and hard work they built one and many more. We can apply this in our lives as we have a lot of faith in the Lord and through the hard times in our lives God will help us and he will provide ways for us if we have faith in him and do everything that we can do.

I miss you all!!

Stay strong with faith and give your all and I know that the Lord will bless us all and help us!

Elder Webb


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