August 23, 2017



Time flies

​Hola! I feel like the MTC is a roller coaster... slow start but then after that, it all flies by so fast!​ I can't believe that i am starting my 5 semana in the MTC. It is crazy how fast we learn the language. Sometimes i feel like i already know the language but i really don't know. I actually can hold somewhat of a conversation with a latino!! That was one of my goals at the start of the MTC. This Thursday i am going to speak all spanish! It is going to be hard but i know with the faith of God i can do it! When we do 'progressing investigator' me and my companion work really well together and we can teach the gospel with the spirit. It is amazing how well i am able to speak and understand the language. They must not think i talk enough because in a day i pray like 3 times- which isn't bad because i will become a mater at spanish prayers. I enjoy everyone in the district they are a lot of fun and we always sit together for all the meals. I can tell when people aren't feeling the spirit in the day because they will not be progressing in the language.

P day today is so nice because we aren't doing anyting so we have a lot of time to do our laundry and play sports. Just this morning i played about 2 hours of basketball and 2 games of volleyball!

I love when we get to teach with our latino companions because they help me out a lot in spanish and listening to them when they teach helps with my pronunciation and it is really good! I can't wait to get out into the field - i feel like i am ready!! Today we helped out in the kitchen! We helped wash and put away dishes it was a lot of fun! I enjoy all of the workers! I sent some pictures! When we work with them it is amazing and so much fun!

I love you all and i hope life for everyone is going well! Yo se que mediante padre celectial nosotros todos!
This week there are a lot more pictures of me! which i hope you all enjoy!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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