August 11, 2017



Second week and a half in the MTC

Dear everyone –

I promised a longer email this week so here I go.

1st day – When we got to the MTC it was raining a lot so we all ran inside and had to leave all of our bags on the bus and wait for the rain to stop. We had pizza for dinner that night and then there was a devotional from 7:30 – 9:00pm, it was in English. Then we got our bags that finally came off the bus and we went to our rooms. That’s when I met my companion. We started to unpack and that took until about 10:30, so then we got into bed and the bed was really hard and not a lot of fun to sleep on. The pillows are just about nothing so I took my blanket because it was hot and shoved it in my pillow case so my pillow could be softer and it worked really well. I woke up a lot through the night just because I wasn’t used to the bed.

2nd day – We woke up and went straight to breakfast and there was a super long line. When we got our trays and looked we found that you have 2 options for food. So you grab the one that looks the best and you hope that it will taste good. In one of my pictures there is one of the pictures of breakfast that wasn’t good at all. We go to class and all they speak is in Spanish so no one could understand what they are saying and we were all confused and didn’t know what to do. Everyone but the two sisters and one elder are all going to Mexico City east mission. We then go to lunch and they always have bread or tortillas and then they will have chicken, and usually rice and beans. A lot of the time they will run out of rice because we have the last lunch and dinner so they never make any more so we get lucky only sometimes. The food here is not horrible but it is not the best just because it is all made in bulk. They will have chicken bakes sometimes cut in half for dinner. My night sleep was a lot better but still not the best. It is usually warm when we go to bed and cold in the morning so it really isn’t that bad.

3rd day – we do just about the same thing every day and my Spanish is improving a lot. I can understand a lot more but still so much more to improve so I can understand the teacher in class and when we read the scriptures. We try to speak with Latinos as much as we can to help us in our learning and they like to learn a little English from us. Today in our schedule we have a progressing investigator so it just a worker that is pretending to be one of their own investigators that they taught. They are all really good actors and they get into it really well. Because we still don’t know anything we read what we were teaching which isn’t bad for the first time but there is so much room for improvement. They had rice for dinner which is rice and beans and meat on a tortilla – it’s really good and I’m sure it is going to get od. Again, not the best night of sleep but a lot better.

Day 4 – Today we get gym time which I am excited for but we have to do an orientation which is going to take just about all of our time. You can play any sport here besides like hard contact sports like football – even just throwing a football around. I am still getting used to it being about 17 pesos for 1 dollar and they say just about everyone in Mexico City only makes about 4 dollars a day which is so little for us. I am sad it hasn’t rained since the first day and I am just hoping for some nice rain sooner than later. It is so beautiful – there are flowers everywhere and birds all around and they are just so much fun to watch. Outside of the MTC they way there are no birds just about ever, so I am soaking in the beautiful MTC time now.

Sunday – I know I have skipped a lot of days but every day is really just about the same and sometimes it will get boring but most of the time it’s a really fun time. Me and my companion did the sacrament Sunday all in Spanish and I was so worried I was going to mess up. Then, they had everyone write a talk so at sacrament they just call someone’s name and some people had to bear their testimony which would be a lot easier than a talk. So many new missionaries are coming in Tuesday and we will be too big in our ward, I guess you would say we got moved to a bigger location which was nice. I think we have 4-5 districts of 12 people. We had a devotional that night which was on the plan of salvation and it was really good because they ask questions and people answer and it is really interactive.

Monday – I got a lot better night’s sleep and I know I am improving so much in the language and I think I am learning really fast and I can really understand my teacher. She looks a lot like Olga. Today’s progressing investigator was a lot better because I wasn’t reading as much and I could put together some sentences and I could respond when she had a question or something. I struggle some days with the language but I know that is normal for everyone and I know that it is all ok. For gym time we played a pick-up game of soccer which was a lot of fun but in tennis shoes you slip all over the place but it is still a lot of fun.

Tuesday – a lot of new missionaries arrive and we are doing progressing investigator when they came in and then we all realized we aren’t the new ones any more. We had a devotional that night and we all had to wear our suit coats which was really hot in the packed auditorium. President Eves and his wife were in charge and he talked a lot about how we need to give our all and that if we do we will receive the gift of tongues and he was just really amazing and so was his wife. They are super cute and both so funny and always willing to talk about anything.

Wednesday – Our first p-day. We went to the temple and it was so much fun but the bus ride to the temple is crazy and the roads are all so packed with tons and tons of cars and a lot of people will be waking in the street trying to sell things or doing something to earn some money. There is just always something going on – it is crazy. When we got back we were able to get a load of laundry done and it is nice to have clean clothes even through my next day isn’t until Friday of the next week which is such a long ways away if you think about it. Because of the temple we didn’t have any time to do any activities but I enjoyed the temple.

Every day is really the same so if have any questions you can ask me but I am going to skip till day which is my p-day, Friday the 8th. This morning all missionaries staying in Mexico had to go to immigration so we could live in Mexico. It was a lot of waiting in lines and we got finger printed and just getting there and back took about 2 and a half hours total which was a long time on a bus, but it is always fun to watch the traffic and just how crazy it is. From day one until today I can understand and speak a lot more and usually I can hold a conversation in Spanish which is really good.

I love you all!!

Elder Webb


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