August 2, 2017



End of week one

Dear family and friends,

I miss you all!!! The roads are crazy in Mexico, very loud and lots of different noises. It is such a beautiful compound here and it is so much fun. All they do is talk in Spanish from day one and I am picking up on so much Spanish. My companion is Elder Rawson. He is from Las Vegas. He always looks so concentrated but he has been a big help to me – memorizing everything we have to memorize. He is so funny and super helpful. He is 19, he went to BYU and he loves math.

The food is amazing. Sometimes it can be a little crowded in the comedor (dining room). We went to the temple today and it is so beautiful and was an experience to remember.

We have an hour every day for gym time and me and my companion will play foosball with the Latinos and they are amazing at it. All of the workers here are so friendly and always fun to say hi to and try to talk to them in Spanish, but it’s more like Spanglish. They tell you to speak your language you have been called to and to say the words you know in Spanish and the ones in English. We sit next to the Latinos as much as we can and try to talk to them. I feel bad for my companion because he says he’s from Vegas and they think of sin city, Donald Trump, and ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’.

My Spanish is really progressing and I can understand the teachers when they teach. Every Tuesday new missionaries come in and they also have a devotional that is amazing. They are up to about 600 missionaries here in the MTC but they can hold up to near 1000. It is amazing how well everything runs here. I am enjoying my time here and I have pictures. I just hope I can find out how to send them or put them on here.

I miss you all!!! I think my p-day next week might be on Friday, but regularly will be on Wednesdays.

P.S. On the bus ride to the MTC from the airport I only saw about 20 slug bugs


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