March 12, 2019



The Lord’s hand is in all things

This week we had a big miracle happen And we found someone who was ready to be baptized her name is rocio it was amazing to find her it was such a gift of God. very interesting because we had a few people that's we're going to be baptized but they couldn't. We have Been seeing so much of the Lord's hand in our work that we're doing. We are really just trying to be good instruments in his hands at all times and all things and in all places. it's such a great joy working in the missionary work your eyes become open more spiritually and you can see a bigger picture of everything and really understand that the Lord is working in his work that we have only been called to help him in the Gathering of Israel. what a great opportunity we have to be working in this work and Gathering our brothers and sisters back to the fold of the Lord. This last week and in my book of Mormon reading I was reading in Alma chapter 5 and it's incredible to see the lord loves us so much and is protecting us because we are his sheep but we have to be hearing him we have to know how he calls us so that we can listen to his voice. He always is calling us as we are falling away from him. and if we are listening and we love him we will come back. Life is always up and down never just a straight walk but the Lord has his path and he is guiding us we just have to follow him. It's been great to see how the come follow me books have changed so many's people's life and following Jesus Christ. How amazing is that such a wonderful experience. this week also was very good because as we just open amounts and talk to others we are able to see where to find the chosen ones who are ready to list did the voice of the Lord. I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!


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