February 15, 2019



A good week

This week was a good week!! We had stake conference and it was really good. I got to see some people from the first ward that I was in when I got to the mission so that was really good! We found a family of 10 but only 5 were there to teach but that was a good last week. We are teaching so many new people and I am learning so much right now as we are preparing for Quinten L Cook to come and visit the mission. My companion is great I saw that you went over to their house, they showed me the picture. How was that? We are learning so much from one and another. Elder Empey is teaching me so much and he is an amazing missionary! I have learned so much about myself while I have been with him! We are loving the ward that we are working in they are amazing and so willing to work with us so much. The work here is moving really well and we are hoping that we don't get moved and that we can finish our missions together. I don't know what the Lord has planned for us. I am healthy but as normal the food blows up my stomach haha so it’s been fun working with that. I am good health wise, we are working hard and always getting a good night rest because we are always so tired at the end of the day!

How is zach doing?? I am glad that you went to the temple I am going to go this next week! It’s so nice being able to go so many times in the mission. It’s amazing and I am going to take a family name!! so I am happy about that! We found a bunch of Dogs that started to follow us! haha it was really funny!!


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