January 8, 2019



Roller coaster

I Can’t speak english!! My companion can understand me but I can not speak correctly! This week was a wonderful week in the work of the lord! There is nothing more amazing than working in the work of the Lord. We will make plans in the morning and then we just let the lord guide us in his work. We have a goal to work with more members this year! and I am so excited! Sad because Only 6 more months here in the mission. The time really does go by fast and I have seen it like a roller coaster it takes some time to get up the first 10 months, get to the top, and you see all the way down for 2 months and then just the last 12 months are all down hill and then the ride is done in no time. I have learned so much from being in the mission field and I have learned so much just by messing up. So many things to learn after the mission also. I know that in the mission I have been learning how to learn and apply the Book of Mormon and when I get home it’s going to be the same but now I am going to have to learn from many other things. There is a lot to study! I hope everyone has an amazing week!!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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