December 18, 2018



Christmas calls and Elder Empey

Hey so ya if the works that would be a great way to communicate! I am so excited!! I will be ready at 7, there at 6:30 to make sure everything works out.

Today we went to the temple and was an amazing experience! It was so beautiful I hope you and Dad have gone this month. And you could go with Zach. I know that is one way to really help him.

I am having an amazing time with Elder Empey, we are getting along great! How is everything going at home? I hear that zach knows the little sister of elder Empey... haha that’s so funny how alex and their oldest daughter were friends and me and Elder Empey, and now zach and the little sister could be friends ... haha that is amazing. We have been working so hard and I have learned so much. I feel like I am progressing so much in the mission with him and we are happy because we are going to have a baptism this Saturday, and one next week. So many amazing members to help us. I hope that I can finish my mission here that would be amazing to be honest. What christmas plans do you have? Zach told me you are all going to las vegas for 2 days? I miss you all so much and love you so much I am so excited to be calling next monday!!


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