November 27, 2018



Love your parents

11/22/2018 WED
We went to get some money to eat from our counselor of the mission President De La Peña and he invited us into his house and we started talking and he is a convert to the church and his story is amazing the ways that we can impact many people by the people that we baptize. Who know what impact they are going to have in the church! He has been a bishop, stake president, and had general authorities stay in his house. Such an amazing person! On the way to go get some food we had to take a micro (small bus) has 2 doors front and back so we get on and there was no one and then again a ton! of people get on and i was in the Door in the back when they all get on and some and hope in the back so I get out so they can get in and well i was HANGING out of the back and the driver starts going! And here they drive like fast and furious it’s fun but not when you are hanging out of the back! Thankfully I am still here!

We went to a house of a convert, Martha is her name, and she has gone through a rough life! She was telling us how she feels with her daughters and I just got thinking… how do I treat my parents? Do I tell them enough that I love them and really do I show how much I care about them while they are still here in the earth with me? Love your parents at all times! They are the only ones here in the earth treasure them and show them. Tell them all the time how much you love them.

11/23/2018 FRI
In my personal study I was thinking and it came to my head okay I am going to look for all the times in the Book of Mormon where it says keep my commandments so on we go looking and WOW in 1 and 2 Nephi it says a lot of time Keep my Commandments. How are we doing with keeping the commandants that the Prophets have been asking us to do. How can we do better?

We went to a house and we walk in and the mom (83 years old) starts telling us how she is starting to see the dead in the walls and walking in her house and grabbing her face. I didn’t know what to say! I have never helped someone with that kind of problem. We gave her a blessing was the only thing that I could think of.

In that same place a young adult stops us and says why don’t we smoke marijuana haha he didn’t let us reply but he starts telling us how is has connected him to the earth! And then just starts to hug the tree! I never thought I would find a tree hugger here!

25/11/2018 SUN
Lights in the Temple! How beautiful! It is not the same as being in Temple square in Utah but it’s the next best thing that I got here! It was an amazing time we were able to go with some converts and also I was able to see some members from my first ward! It was such an amazing time! I love the spirit of Christmas!! Nothing better! I love you all and I hope you all have an amazing week!


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