November 13, 2018



I love to see the temple

This week was a little slow but it has been a good week. This week we had an amazing experience of going to the Temple with some converts! We had our Zone Conference about Studying the Doctrine and Revelation all of the morning and then in the afternoon we got out about 4 and had to pass for some of the converts at 5 in their house and well the traffic is horrible here in México all the time!! so we had the long bus (Micro) ride to get near their house and then we had to go all the way to the church which wasn’t far but haha the traffic here is horrible! It is always better to go walking if you want to go somewhere because it can take a lot longer by using transport! We finally all got to the Temple and we entered and so they needed us to be Testigos It was 2 hours and such an amazing experience!! One that I am never going to forget in all of my life! It was so amazing seeing the converts really feeling for the first time the spirit that is in the Temple and also one man got into the water and someone was behind watching He was watching someone do the baptisms for his family and I know 100% that those people have accepted the baptism. I have never felt the spirit so strong testifying that they are in. I know that the heavens and all the angels there were rejoicing! I love being in the Temple and Invite all of you to take some time and go and experience the Spirit of Elisa.

Yo sé que el Templo es la casa de Dios!


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