November 6, 2018



Mission goal: 300 baptisms

Very relaxing p day! I love when we are able to get everything done quickly and we can take some time to watch meet the Mormons or something! It can be a lot when we are washing our clothes by hand sometimes and washing in a washing shop i guess you could say. Haha I am starting to forget what things are called! Our mission leader is amazing names Hno Cuco he took us to go and eat POZOLE in a place that only is open one time a year and can be crazy! But amazing food I would for sure come back to eat there he always says " comemos como Dios manda!" It’s going slow with the preparation of zone conference coming up soon! We are studying about personal revelation and I have learned so much! We are able to receive revelation like the Prophet and we should also we should be personal prophets to ourselves or if you have a family. God knows everything that we need to do so why don’t we look to him to know what to do.
HAPPY HALOWEEN!!! It’s crazy that it’s my last one in the mission and I am going to miss it next year and it’s also going to be weird that the companion that I am with right now will still be here in the mission so I will be able to see his emails haha. That is going to be so weird. We have a new mission goal for these last 2 months and its 300 baptisms! I know that the lord hand is in this work! And no others hands this is a work that we can’t do without him. And only with him can we do it. Some appointments are very special and it’s amazing when the people are telling us that they want to be baptized and change and i know that they are feeling the Holy Ghost so strong in their life! That is the reason why they want to be baptized. I know that fasting is how we really spiritually find help from the lord! and it’s the best way that we can. I know that it’s not that much that I am sending in my emails and i promise to have more that I am going to send next week. I really love and miss you all and hope you have an amazing week and follow the holy ghost to know where to go and what to do. Follow the Holy Ghost and will be guided in where to go and what to do.


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