October 23, 2018



A broken window

Got a good story to start with! So we were in the house and it was about 11 and starting to get ready for bed. It was hot so I went to the window and started to open it and out of nowhere boom! It just fell right out of the tracks it was on. Well we are in a 3rd stories of the apartments and just hear shattering glass hitting the ground and just look out the window and in my head “aww crap” haha. What worse can happen? No one was hurt thank heaven and also we just had to have a garden at the bottom so was not in the walk way, Just have to say that here nothing is done the right way haha and now i am scared to open the window that it’s going to fall out again.

A member in the ward who helps us a ton opened his mission call and is going to Monterey here in Mexico! He is so happy and so are we. I have been helping him so much and know he is going to be an amazing missionary. We really can bless so many people with just small simple acts.

We had our ward conference on Sunday and was amazing we did a little choir of missionaries and some other members. It was a lot of fun and amazing. There is always so much to learn! So much that we have to do in life. In my studies this week I learned that we have to use the doctrine to teach other and it’s the only way that we are going to be able to help others. I have been looking a lot in this week of the blessing that God has been given to me. To be here in the mission and to get to know so many people that are willing to come more to Christ through baptism.


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