August 27, 2018



Rain and converting

HEY HEY HEY!! sorry for last week when I didn't have the time to send a group email! Now I have the time. How have you all been in these last 2 weeks!? I have been good although we have been getting poured on with rain! Some days I never think we are going to get home because the streets become like rivers here. It will only rain for 15 min but it’s a ton of rain that comes down! If you want to come and visit México this time of year bring something for the rain or you will just be stuck inside or getting soaking wet haha. It has been really good because it cleans the Air so much. Here in México City it is needed a lot! This week was a good week! Always so many things to learn and try to learn when preparing for an Apostle to come and visit the mission! I am so ready for Tomorrow because we have our conference with David A Bednar. I live in utah and I think will be the first time that i have been really close to an Apostle.
We had the amamzing chance to do some divisions with the District leader and his companion as the Junior companion. I went with the distrct leader’s companion, Elder Boswell and learned so much. I have been thinking a lot about how to really find the needs of others and help them with the Gospel. Sometimes as missionaries we get into teaching lessons and not people. I really want to get to know the people and help them. I feel like that is what we should do as missionaries. We have the chance to teach them with what they need. What are our needs? Really what we are going through in life, there are so many others who need our help and as we help them then God will help us with our problems. How are we really taking upon the name of Jesus Christ? What do we need to do better? Last night I gave a call to one of my converts in Olivos, my first ward in the mission. I called Miguel and spent time talking him and he really opened up to me. He said that he is going through some hard times of depression right now because he baptized his brother and sister in law. There is such a strong connection between us and our converts. I am so greatful for the chance to call him and give him the strenth to keep on moving forward and strong in the church.
Where is the month of August because ya it’s gone?! 13 months in the mission... wow... where has my mission gone?! The time is something amazing that we have because everything for God is only 1 day but for us it’s years and years and years! I went to the Visitor Center today with some Investigators and that is something so amazing that we can do because there is a video about families that is only here in the Visitor Center of México. That is amazing and it really helps with the problems we are having of no one wanting to get married. Ya it has been some time since i have helped someone get married but I know that soon we will be helping someone. How can the families be together FOREVER? TEMPLES!!! How important are the Temples to us? How often should we go?
We are teaching a family right now that are amaizng and progressing so well! It’s so amazing when we teach families because they become as one and they are progresing so much. One son is in Mosiah 13 in the book of mormon and has 3 weeks reading. I know that the book of mormon is something we should be reading everyday because it will help with our progression. Not just reading the words but feasting upon the words. How do we do that? Meditating! thinking about the words and letting the Holy Ghost really be the one to teach us.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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