September 4, 2018



Spiritual and painful week

This week was amazing and very spiritual! Not everything goes by perfect and without pain.
We had the conference with David A Bednar and he is really funny! Just have to say that apostoles are normal people and very funny! He explained to us about a game that is in the chruch that no one even knows that they are playing and it’s called. "Guess what’s in my head?" and also as missionaries we play this game a lot. We teach the investigators in a way where they are just trying to guess what we want them to say. Its so true. The Investigators are Agents and not Objects. Objects can only be acted on and can’t act alone. Agents can act and choose what to do. We need to help the investigators to ACT and use faith. Faith is a principle of Action and Power. He told us something very interesting. The members should be the missionaries and us as missionaries should be helpers to the missionaries ( members ). Are we reading the Book of Mormon everyday? What importance does reading the Book of Mormon have for us? Something that always happens is when a missionary gets home he stops reading the Book of Mormon and comes to have problems in his life and always thinks why is this all so hard??? and then we never remember in what we have been teaching for 2 years is . Reading the Book of Mormon. A missionary asked what is the concern of the 12 apostoles and 1st presidency? and he told us that it’s members not keeping their covenants that they’ve have made and how. We really don’t use the temples. And when they are so close to us we just about never go to the Temple. What really are the bases for us? In what is our conversion or to whom? are we converted to the Lord or some other reason? If you love me Keep my comandments. Do we really love God enought to keep his commandments? Amen=I begin that is something that i never knew. At the end we had the opportunity to shake his hand! He came to CCM and 3 other missions here and we are the only ones who got to shake his hand! When i got to shake his hand i was thinking about what i can say to him and only 2 words came to my head THANK YOU! I am so grateful to really shake the hand of pretty much Jesus Christ.
We went and visited an ex missionary and it’s hard to see him with his little girl and he knows all the truth but he is less active and he right now is not going to be with his family forever. The other sad part is he lives so close to his brother and they never see eachother. They have never meet the wives that they are married to and their kids and really it’s so close where they live. I hope that never happens to me or anyone else. How important is our famliy to us? Do we have a better relationship with friends or our familes? I know when i get home i am gong to learn how to play the Piano and guitar. It’s something so beautiful to play the piano. There is a little Girl here in this ward that reminds me a lot of Kate.
Inverviews with President! Always my favorite part of the month!! In our interview he asked me what i learned from the conference that we had. And really came to the point of the Book of Mormon how I need to study and use it more! He told me that he wants me to be a little test. He asked me to be a Book of Mormon Missionary?! That I am not going to be a missionary that just talks the whole time but I am going to only teach with the Book or Mormon! 100% with the Book of Mormon haha I have a lot of studying ahead of me! so much that i need to learn so that I can teach with the Book of Mormon which is really all that we need if we belive that its the key stone of our religion.
WOW it’s september!! Everyone here in México is preparing for the 15th because its their day of independence. In these days we eat SO MUCH! Some members invited us to eat some tacos in the morning so we went and they were AMAZING the place we went make the best tacos in México. They are huge! I ate some tacos of tongue! SO YUMMY! really its one of the best pices of meat that there is! Andy, Noemi, and Fernando All go baptized and I love baptisms so much because they really change people for the better and there always is a spirit so strong for us to feel! Well I guess we will see if This month i am going to change areas!? Who knows i am gong to have 6 months here in this next week. there is a pretty big chance that I will get changed.
OUCH!! Went to the Doctor because of an Ingrown toenail that was really infected. Well got it taken out and the Doctor put the needle right below my toenail and OUCH have i never felt a worse pain in my life! I really couldn't deal with all the pain that I was feeling! i really thought it would be better just to cut off my toe! Well with an amazing week everyting just ended with a buch of pain. 2 men were holding my leg down as the doctor was working. This week i am going to be preaching the gospel in sandals haha it’s going to be very interesting!! We will see how it all goes!
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Sincerely, Elder Webb


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