August 14, 2018




Fue una semana excelente con mucho éxito y mucho trabajo estamos luchando fuerte aquí en México.
Today was able to learn something very special about how to have a council in the way of the Lord. It can be found in D&C 88:122. Yes, there is a way to have councils in a way that is the most effective and the way of the Lord.

I have made a goal to read all of the Book of Mormon! I have made it to 1 Nephi 20! I have read it before but there are so many things to learn! We never finish reading the Book or Mormon. It is the best tool that we have been given that the Prophets have told us we need to read, and now we are being told to use it and minister to others in the way of the Lord! How amazing are the ways that we are prepared through the prophets!! We are perparing for David A. Bednar to come and visit us! i know he has something planned to share with us! It’s going to be something very special!

In 1 Nephi 16:28 we learn that Nephi and his family have the liahona and are trying to know how it works. Well, they are told it works by Faith and Diligence. How will we be guided if we use faith and diligence to get to our destination?

1 Nephi 17:14 We all know about when Nephi is going to make the boat to cross the sea but his brothers tell him how crazy he is. He is not a perfect man because he had a moment of weakness when he really did believe his brothers that it was something he couldn’t do. Sometimes others tell us we can’t do it...can’t do what God has commanded us to do. God can do all things. We need to have more fear in God than in Man. like Moroni 7:33 if we have faith in Christ than we have the power to do all things that is convenient to him. I know that by faith we can do all things! Sometimes we go through some hard times in our lives and we don’t know what to do. We are lost or confused and sometimes we forget a little about God. We feel like we can’t do it.

There is a convert who is having a hard time reading the book of mormon and i told him as he is reading to but a paper in front of him that says YO PUEDO HACERLO
In english I CAN DO IT!! If we are having a hard time getting through something should remember WE CAN DO IT! Nothing can get in our way.

How do we ask in FAITH? I have learned in the mission that i didn’t have very much faith before the mission and that’s okay because i didnt understand what faith in the Lord Jesus Christ really is. When we ask in faith we are willing to act on impresions that we have. Willing to change if we need to. I know that we all can become better about asking in faith, but if we don’t understand what faith really is we should study it. I have learned through life that if we don’t learn for ourselves, we don’t learn at all. or maybe a little.

We spent 30 min playing where’s Guierrmo in the metro today. We could not find him at all! It’s so hard to find someone in metro when they don't have a cell phone to contact.

How can we feast upon the words of Christ? This is a question i have been trying to figure out for some time if you have any ideas to share with me i would love that!

I Found Mountin Dew!!! Only 1 store( tienda) that sells it i am pretty sure! haha it was an amzing find!

The mission is not easy but it’s possible. God doesn’t give commandments that can’t be completed.

I love you all!!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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