July 24, 2018



Send me your testimony

I always love the day of interviews with the President because i learn so many new things!! Got me thinking a lot about what life goals do we have right now? And for the goal, what plans do we have? Something i have learned while being here is...without plans there is no progression. We will be like a gps without a direction but only a dot on where we want to go.

How do we get lost in our callings? Are we doing all that we can in the calling that we have? Being called to serve a mission is an amazing calling for 2 years. Now with only a year to go in my mission i know that we need to get lost in the work to really magnify the calling we have. It is about God’s will and not our will.

It is an amazing sight to see when investigators come into the water of baptism. We had a couple this last weekend that got baptized and there were 5 kids that are all members. The couple were the only ones not members and thankfully they now are all members!

I invite all to think in what the spirit asked Nephi in 1 Nephi 11:1 What do we desire? just take some time to think about it and think if it’s with the will of God? As it says in Alma 37:37 we should cosult the lord in all our doings. Take what we desire and go to the lord ask him if its his will and using our fath and our works we will do everything to complete the desire that we have.

It was a good start to the morning with us helping some police in the Metro getting a really really really drunk man down the stairs and out of the metro. #Mexicocity.

How do we show our love for others around us? Are we in the service of others? I know that it can be hard sometimes with some family members or friends to find some tiny bit of love for them but if we serve them and get to know them better finding what their needs are we can learn to love them. I know that when we really understand others we feel the love of God for them which is a love a lot stronger than ours.

We have a little girl we are teaching, 9 years old named Itsury, I am learning to love little children. Maybe it’s because i can be a little child sometimes. I feel like they are easier to teach then someone who is older like an adult.

We have a 3 page list of young adults that we are taking on hard and strong trying to find all of them in the crazy city of Méxcio where all the directions are so different and sometimes they don't even exist or there is no way of trying to find what apartment number it is. It has been a good ‘Where’s Waldo’ for 3 days! haha It has been fun getting to know the city of México. It is amazing to see how it all runs and the Temple is so beautiful and I’m so grateful that i can go every 6 weeks! How important is the Temple to us? What blessings are we missing with not going and doing to work for our ancestors who are waiting that we help them enter into the kingdom of God? How is our testimony? and our Conversion? are we strengthning it every day? How are we keeping the flame of our testimony glowing? Just as on a bike when we stop peddling we fall over. If we don't put gas into the car it stops running... if we don't fuel our testimony it will go away! Be aware of our testimonies they can run out or go away if we don't keep them fueled up.

I would love if everyone who reads this if they could send me there testimony i would love to hear them!!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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