July 17, 2018



Rain and more rain

Today we had to do some changes for the day because we had a baptism interview and she passed and will be baptized sunday! Always so exciting when we have baptisms!! We have an investigator that wants to go to church but it becomes a little hard for her because of her health problems. She can only go for sacrament and then she has to go home. When some one has the desire to go to church nothing will stop them!

Sometimes we need to align our desires with what we are doing. We have another Investigator from another state here in Mexico the same one as my companion! We are teaching him as he is recovering from some surgeries and he knows this is the true chruch because he has getting better a lot faster. He loves coming to church and is so excited for his baptism! Before Elder Brimly and I went to the Visitor center in the night the mission leader was teaching one convert how to tie a tie! haha was so funny to watch and the brother, Cuco, was saying that you can only use your left thumb to tighten the knot but not the right! haha

That night we stayed in the visitor center and it was so much fun being with all the missionaries from the MTC because we are all going to renew our visas the next day. We stayed up till 2 am talking about the mission and how everything is going. I talked a lot with Elder Empey, a good friend from home also! It was a good time catching up with others!

Spent the morning (2 hours) waiting in line to re new visas. Everyone was just excited because we were going to eat Costco pizza after! A sister from Brazil had some problems with her visa so ended up leaving the line and getting back in. It was a little more waiting time haha but was fun. Everyone had blue thumbs from the ink (some photos are in FB of the mission) I did get the chance to buy some Costco muffins and i feel like i am at home when i am eating them! haha it was a good time to buy some Costco things that we can’t find in our areas! i so miss Costco pizza! even in México it’s like eating from home!

What do we really know about Christ?? Can we follow His example if we don't know what He did? I am doing a long study about what Christ did for us. I am learning so many new things and i want to invite everyone to learn more what He did for us. Has the day of miracles stopped? Have angels stoped ministering to the son of men? NO! Today we can see miracles! I KNOW they are true and exist! I Know that Angels are ministering to us every day and we need to do family history so we can feel them closer to us and help them get baptised so they can help them. Are we going to the Temple as much as we should? I promise that everyone in US has the time to go to the temple. I invite everyone to go more often. It is a blessing that we have them today to use!

Rain rain go away and come back another day! SO MUCH RAIN!! sometimes the streets are little rivers! The water is under and into the car doors and they are driving in water! My pants, well let me tell you that my pants are 100% soaked when it rains. Thanks to umbrellas or my jacket, I can stay dry up top but my pants, no they are just always soaked. We are getting rain just aboout every night and it is CRAZY and fun! i am really enjoying the rain! Sometimes it has helped us get into houses!

Who are we? What plan do we have here? How can we know our plan? Thanks to God we are able to have so many people get baptized ... so many sons and daughters are entering in the water fo baptism! We are full every Saturday this month with baptisms as a mission we have has 69 in July and more. Grace by Grace the mission is improving to become better.

Roberto! he is an amazing member missonary! 19 year old and is with us all day long!! So blessed to have someone helping us. I know that he is going to bless so many when he goes on his mission and is going to be a lot more prepáred. I invite all that are going on a mission, that can work with missionaries before leaving to do it. We as missionaries get blessed for helping. Are we talking with everyone about the Gospel when we have the chance? We can bless so many lives just by sharing a scripture!

I LOVE YOU ALL AT HOME!! stay stong and keep up the good work! Keep on improving! miss you all and see you all in a year! ​

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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