June 26, 2018



Families can be together forever

We are preparing for a zone conference about the Faith and Ministering Angels. I invite all to read Moroni 7 and Ether 12 becasue they are amazing to learn about the faith and really what we can do with the faith and how much faith do we really have. I love in Ether 12 how it says that we don't receive a testimony until after the test of our faith. The test is what is going to strengthen our faith and we will have a firm faith.

Everyone knows, if they have served a mission, that it can be hard when the fathers won’t let their kids get baptized. A family of 5 and 4 aren’t members, 3 kids and the dad. The kids really want to be baptized but the dad is not very accepting to this and we are not sure what we can do. We had to do some changes for the day so that the district leader could do the interviews. I went with Elder Johnson to their area and went and visited Karen who is ready to be baptized just wants to wait 2 month for her dad to get out of jail. She really opened up and we were able to help her get baptized this sunday. I know that the Holy Ghost is strong and testifies of the truth.

Moroni 7:33 "Y Cristo ha dicho: si tenéis fe in mi tendréis poder parea hacer cualquier cosa que me sea conveniente" I really love this scripture and have changed my view in the things that we can do! If we have faith we have the power of christ! Today we got NEW BEDS!! Now we don't have any bed bugs in the house anymore.

I got a call in the night and i didn’t know who it was. It was an old companion of mine that i with. He was calling and the moment i heard his vioce i felt as if something was wrong but i wasn’t sure what it could be. He told me that Mirium passed away... She was one of the converts while iwas in my fist area with him. I have never felt so sad in my time here in the mission. it was rough and hard because she left her kids behind without a father one is 21 years old but her little girl is only 11 years and just really has been a rough time.

Sadly the funeral of Mirium is too far away and i wont be able to go. But i did have the chance to call German and Samaria But what really stuck in my Heart is what Sami said to me "At least i know now that the familes can be together forever" I know now that families can be together forever and we should be prepared for anything that could happen because we never know when something bad can happen.

We had a family home evening with with the family Estudio and 3 families of member and a couple that are gong to get married here soon. We went around to eveyone sharing our testimonies and conversions to the church and i really felt a connection to eveyone in the room. Sometimes we should think why we are members? What is the conversion that we had and how did if form?

We didn't have any changes. i will have more time in the area but now i am not going to be working in balbuena we are just going to be here in Mixichuca. Another 6 weeks and here soon will have 1 year. I have 11 months in the mission! The time is really flying by!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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