June 13, 2018



Bed bugs....are HORRIBLE!

Interviews with the President of the mission. Something that he told me really stuck with me. Satan, as we become stronger, is going to be trying harder and harder to destroy us but as we keep in our minds that we are sons and daugters of God he will protect us and we will become stronger as Satan tries to attack us. When we pray and read the scriptures we will be protected from anything.

Enrique Cortes Enriquez he is someone who has a srong desire to change from everything that has happened in his life. I know that as we make plans and goals writing them down on a paper and putting in a place where we will see them will help and as we do everying that we can to reach the goals, asking God for help, He is going to help us.

Our mission has the goal of 125 baptisms this month we have been given things to do but we make plans and are doing everything that we have been asked to do.

We have bed bugs. Yuck! Tonight when we got to the house and with trying to fight with bed bugs we cleaned the whole house taking everything out so that we can clean the best that we can. We cleaned because they came and sprayed everything and the house was a mess. My advice is BED BUGS ARE HORRIBLE do everything you can to NOT have them because they are hard to kill.


10 in the morning went to the Temple to be with an Elder while his companion was with the president. We spent some of the time in the visitor center and it was fun learning more about what we can do when we take our investigators. It is such a blessing to have that in my mission. I never thought i would have something that i could take my investigators to. Sometimes it can be hard getting there and coming back.

I was studing in 1 nephi 10 and 11 and it really opened up my eyes how the vision of lehi is our lives and how the tree of life is the love of christ. How can we show the love of God to others? with the ministering that is going on we need to show the love of God. But how? I know that when we really find the needs of others is when we really find a love for them like God has for them. But when we know what they need we need to act and help them to become better and to improve.

I found a fruit here named lichi i think but its AMAZING they only have it every year and right now it’s the time and i am eating so much fruit! There are so many fruits here in Mexico that we don't even get in the United States. I know that is going to be something i will miss when i am home. Also i will miss the food because it’s AMAZING here. The food here is not the same as in the States.


It is really funny...we have an area in our area were it’s not the safest but we have the most work there. 3 or 4 families that are listening to us. When it is dark we can’t be in the area so we leave fast haha but i know we are protected. We are working in a huge area so we are being better at planning our days; where we are working, because otherwise we wouldn’t get anything done.

We are teaching a family of 6 that are really amazing. I have seen how their family has become closer together from the 2 weeks that they have known the Gospel. The dad is not going to work Sundays so they all can come to church because they really have been happier as a family and i know that as we are living the Gospel we will become stronger as families.


Left the house at 7:30 in the morming and after a long long day we got to the house at 9:30 at night!!! 6 hours in the church and then a lot of appointments! I don't think i have ever been so tired in my life/mission. I about fell asleep in the second time at church. Working so hard not to fall asleep almost came close haha.

We ate with a family where the daughter served her mission in japan speaking spanish. I never knew that peaple knew how to speak spanish in japan.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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