May 22, 2018




Today when we planned who we are going to visit and what we are going go do during the day it took about 2 hours because I kind of know the area the we are in but Elder Tellez is new and he has no idea where the people live with how big the area is. We Spent part of the night preparing for the conference that we are going to have with Elder Paul B Pipper.

5:30 in the morning we got up so that we could get all ready and get the the temple on time. We left the house at 7:20. I am still not sure what took us so long to get all ready but when we left the house we were planning on taking a micro (bus) as the time passed and they were not passing we decided to take a taxi. I really thought that i was living in the fast and furious movie because a 30 min normal commute to get to the Temple and we were there in 10! I didn't know what was going to happen in the time but the old man in his old car were flying!! #Méxicotaxistas. We took a pícture with Elder Pipper as a group and individual which i sould be getting soon to send to all of you. Was an AMAZING conference. i wish i could tell you all that went on but I learned so much about what the plan is in México right now. I did talk to Elder Pipper about Alex in Russia because Elder Piper spent some time living in Russia and as mission president he knows the name of the Island that Alex is on right now and said that they are not going to send any more Americans there.

Today in the daily planning we had 30 people to visit. In my personal study I was studying 1 Nephi 3 and we can learn so much from that chapter about having faith and trusting in the lord with the examples of lamen and lemuel how they tried to get the plates but because they didn't have faith or trusted and feared laban they were never able to get the plates.

Today in the morning we went to the center of the city to try and find someone but everytime we get there he always has just barly left to go and work in Uber. So then we have to wait until the next Saturday because we don't want to be over there with how dangerous it can be in the night so we always stay from there. it reminds me a lot of when i went to New York. The only thing different is that the building are all old and not very tall. At the end of the day the 30 we tried looking for all of them but we couldn't find them. We are trying so hard to find new investigators but sometimes it can be so hard!

Today is stake conference and in the morning we took Metro and took 1 hour to get there we barly got there on time before everything started. It is always amazing to sustain the Prophet. Just knowing that he receives revelation for us and shows the love God has for us! We really need to take charge and get working with ministering and inviting others to listen to the missionaries. We can do so much with a small invitation. We should be sharing the joy that we feel about being in the church!

In the night we got caught in the rain without anything to cover us and went running to the church. A good 20 min of running ended up all soaking wet!! Always a good memory with the random and Tons of rain that happens here in mexico.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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