May 15, 2018



Act before being acted upon

At the end of last week my comp was getting ready to go home so he was packing everything and we were trying to get his bags not to be overweight so there will be no problems. We were in a trio that same day and one of the elders had his interview with President. During that same time we left the other in the trio with the secretaries of the mission and they took him to the airport. We need to ACT before being acted upon. A lot of time we are just waiting for things to happen and when we do that they are not going to work how we want them to. But when we act we are going to see the results that we want and sometimes not how we want but it’s a way of learning and improving to become better! My mission has been stange because its the 2nd time in one month that i have had special changes and not sure why it’s happening so much. In this last week we have been living in 2 different houses and working in 2 different wards! Has been really crazy!

On Saturday we did about 4 hours of walking around our area we basically walked all of the area but being out in the sun for so long gave me a headache. But that really is the life of a missionary! For the last week i was able to be with one of the old companions again for the week working with him so i guess you could say i have had the same companion 2 times! I LOVE HAVING A SMALL HOUSE because it makes cleaning and keeping it a lot cleaner easier! I don’t spend a lot of time cleaning because i cant make a lot of things very messy! lol

HAPPY MOTHERS-DAY!!! It’s always a good time talking with my family! I miss them so much!! Only have 2 more time to talk to them in my mission the time is really going by so fast it’s crazy!

I got a new comp! he is my 4 comp from México out of the 5 that i have had he is from Oaxaca! We are getting right to work and the first day together i think we contacted about 200 people in the streets inviting everyone to listen to us, trying to help them feel the truth that we have. In this day a lot of peple drugged have been talking to us not sure why at first they are always asking for some money buy a taco.

In the night our district leader called us and i thought that he was joking and telling us we have another ward but we do! Its called Balbuena ward so we now have 2 wards that we are working in. There really is so much work to do and sometimes we may feel that we can’t do it but in the end we know that we are able to do it! We are preparing for a conference this week with Elder Piper from the seventy!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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