May 8, 2018



Small world

Its a small world!
We were with some of the young single adults last tuesday and as i was talking to one of them he started asking questions of how much time we have in the mission and where we are from... so i said "Saratoga Springs Utah" I Explained a little of where it is..that it’s close to Lehi and then he told me that he had a ex companoin from Lehi Utah or around there. So the first thing that i asked is, “what’s his name”? Flingham That is just about the way that he said it but meaning to say Fellingham so that suprised me because my mom’s maiden name is Fellingham. From that point he is young so the only one could be is Ben so i asked what was his first name and he said Ben It all came together and i said with a big smile on my face "él es mi Tío!" So Josua Hernandez pulled out his phone and looked him up on facebook and told me some stories about him like when he got hit by the truck and they were together 6 months! It really is a small world i never would have thought to find the Ex companion of my uncle here in the city of México where thousands and thousands of people live.That is my crazy story for the week!

Now time for the sad story and it’s that my companion will be going home from his mission early and it’s really crazy and hard and just hoping that he will be coming back to the mission.

Today I had the opportunity to go to the temple and it is such a blessing to have the temple in my mission. I love that every other 6 weeks i get to go! Such a blessing so today we went to the temple and it was such an amazing time! We should be so blessed to have temples in utah so close to us and we dont have to travel days and save a lot of money but that we can walk to the temple. We should use the opportunities that we have to go! There is a spirit so strong there and can be such an amazing reminder to keep stong with the commandments. I had the chance to take a family name of my president and go throught the temple with that name. I invite everyone to find a name or some names of family members and do their work in the temple so they can have the chance to be baptised or do other convenats in the temple. If you have seen the movie COCO remember your family members and do the work for them that they never had the chance they are waiting for you to do the work!

I know that the leaders in the church aren't perfect but i know that they can recive revelation for us and be part of a connection from us to God. I know that Prophet Russel M Nelson is the prophet today and he is our guide. I know that the Book Of Mormon is the word of God and we should use it as our guide always! If we have any questions we can ask God and he will respond because we know that we are Sons and Daughters of God! Because in James 1:5-6 if we ask he will respond. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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